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pc restart

By shail_0 ·
i have a pc & os is 98.
when i working in that computer it restart.
it also restart in dos mode

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by dmiles In reply to pc restart

Did you remember to scan the system for viruses? Lockups and instability are "classic" virus infection behavior.
Make sure that you disable all power management options in the BIOS setup program. They can cause spurious behavior, particularly on some motherboards.
Are you getting error messages when the problem occurs? If so, try to find the error message here.
Are you experiencing this problem only when running a specific application program? If so, it may be the application itself that is causing the problem.
If the problem occurs only when you use a specific peripheral, such as a mouse or modem, there are three typical possible causes specific to this situation. First, there may be a problem with the particular peripheral you are trying to use. Second, you may have a resource conflict that is causing the system to lock up when you try to have two devices access the same resources. Finally, there may be a driver problem with the device, if it is something that uses a driver in the operating system you are using. Look in this section for specific troubleshooting information for various devices. Use the resource conflict troubleshooter.
If the problem occurs only when the system is warmed up (meaning not within the first few minutes that the PC is turned on, but only afterwards), or if the problem occurs only when the room where the PC is located is hot, it is likely that the problem is hardware-related and probably something to do with the motherboard, processor or another system component that is running too hot. I would suggest that you refer to this section, which describes checking for overheating components inside the box, and follow the recommendations there

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