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PC restarting itself

By erhwen ·
my PC which runs on XP Pro has been restarting itself quite frequently, what could be wrong?

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by Oz_Media In reply to PC restarting itself

This will be due to a fatal exception error, the computer is set to automatically restart on error. Normally you would get a bluse screen with th error which is easier to debug if you see it of course. You may have a graphics driver or virus issue.

First of all, Click on START->CONTROL PANEL->SYSTEM, click the ADVANCED tab on the System
Properties window, then click the SETTINGS button in the STARTUP AND RECOVERY section.
In the Startup And Recovery window, there is a check-box in the SYSTEM FAILURE section that reads AUTOMATICALLY RESTART. Uncheck that box, then close the windows back to your desktop

Now when you get erorrs, the full meaage will be displayed.

A few good FREE tools to clean and protect your system

AVG Antivirus (free edition):

AdAware: Detects and removes all the ad ware and spyware collected via email and websites. (Great tool!)

THis will stop the random reboots, you can post back when you have an error message to resolve.

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by brianmann57 In reply to PC restarting itself

I check the follwing items on rebooting computers. A. Power strips B. A\C power coming in C. UPS unit. D. Heat Sink on the CPU, Some of the new AMDs can get rather toasty. E. Dust, Dust, Dust. This can cause overheating and reboots. It may be virus and\or software related but I usually find a hardware issue is just as, if not more so, likely to be the culprit

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by valis In reply to PC restarting itself
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by glyall In reply to PC restarting itself

check the capacitor on the motherboard
if they are flat on top, they are okay
if they are raised, they are bad.
You will have to replace the motherboard.
they should be located near the CPU.
I have had the some problem will about 7 pc from IBM.

good luck

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by rindi1 In reply to PC restarting itself

This often happens when the PCs memory is bad. If you have more than one memory module used, you can remove one of those modules, then test your system to find out if the reboots still occur. Repeat these steps until you have found the bad memory module. another possibility is, the CPU gets to hot. First check that the CPUs fan is working, add some heat transfer compound between the CPU and the heat-sink. Try "underclocking" the system (let it run at a lower speed than specified), and then test it to see if that resolves the problem.

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by DouglasB In reply to PC restarting itself

I have had this happen on several XP computers. I finally resolved the problem by reinstalling XP over itself, that is accept all the prompts to reinstall the os, not using the repair console. You will get an option to install a fresh copy or repair the current copy. Choose repair, this has fixed every one I've worked on, without losing any programs or data.

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