PC restarts at shutdown

By gregrocker ·
I have a Gateway 700S dual booted XP/Windows 7. It will restart about a second after shutting down. All BIOS settings are set to default. No issues with drivers that I can see. No peripherals attached. using hibernate instead of shut down for now which works ok. Any help is appreciated.

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Ok, try this out for your issues.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to PC restarts at shutdown

Start up Windows XP, download Ccleaner: then save it, install it then run it.
Now do the same with your Windows 7. This should correct your issues.

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A couple of checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC restarts at shutdown

Check your Event Logs and Minidump files

Windows XP restarts unexpectedly or restarts when you shut down the computer

A couple more tips here

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A couple more checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to A couple of checks

Enter your BIOS and in Power Management turn off all the wakeup settings. Check to see if your ACPI setting is enabled.

Go to Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Performance Information and Tools, Advanced Tools (in the left pane). On this screen the problem is sometimes shown.

Control Panel, System, Advanced System Settings, System Properties, Advanced tab
Startup and Recovery, click the Settings button and in system failure: uncheck automatically restart.
This will enable you to see any errors that are causing a reboot.

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You can also see

by Jacky Howe In reply to A couple more checks

if you can do a forced shutdown.

Open a commend prompt and type in:

shutdown /s

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If you've been incessantly hibernating ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC restarts at shutdown

How have you achieved all the Windows Updates?

Maybe you've got a pile of them trying to get into the system at shutdown, which can't happen if you always hibernate.

Just a thought.

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by gregrocker In reply to If you've been incessantl ...

Thanks. Since the computer goes through the shutdown process (Logging Off>Shutting Down) before it blinks out for a second and then starts right back up, do you think that will be sufficient to trigger install of the Updates which require shutdown? Is there any other way to achieve this if the computer will not stay shutdown? I know there are some Updates which require full SHutdown, the ones which cue on the Shutdown Button.

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Sorry but I thought you said 'Hibernating' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Possible....

If the computer is attempting to Hibernate, it is NOT shutting down - it is simply taking a snapshot of the existing system and copying that to hard drive.

When it then starts up again, it is reading from the same snapshot and returning to exactly the same state of play that it was in, before it 'shut down'.

Perhaps if you were to opt to SHUT DOWN, you might give the system an opportunity to do just that and anything else that might occur at shut down.

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Hibernate is only the fallback here

by gregrocker In reply to Sorry but I thought you s ...

Well the point of my post is that the computer will NOT shut down. It goes through the process but just as it shuts down it immediately restarts. It does this in both the XP and Windows 7 partitions, starting right after I installed Win7 recently. So I am using hibernate since shutdown will not work.

I realize that there are certain updates that require shutdown to install properly. So I appreciate your reminder of this since there is a possibility that without the ability to shut down the computer, these updates will not install unless they are triggered by the shutdown process and don't need the computer to actually shut down, which it won't now.


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Is this the same system you shrank the XP partition on?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to PC restarts at shutdown

If it is, when you 'moved some of the XP files' you probably moved some of the Windows 7 files too.

The C partition is shared by both OS's for boot recognition.

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Not exactly

by gregrocker In reply to Is this the same system y ...

I shrunk the XP in order to install Win7.

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