PC restarts automatically

By sim_samy ·
hi techies,

today i found my pc is very slow, so i uninstall the trend-micro antivirus and install the nod32 smart security, after that when i tried to update, update doesnt start, so i restarted. after that PC is automatically restarting again and again. i tried all boot options (safe mode, last known good configuration and disable automatic restart).
kindly help me.


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may be system Failure

by vel_achary In reply to PC restarts automatically


seems like some kind of system failure, i hope it would be solved by repairing your windows...

let me know if you find difficulties in repairing windows.

sakthivel achary

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Could be a few things...

by TNT@support In reply to PC restarts automatically

It sounds virus related. The slowing of your system, the constant reboots... very virus-like. Trend Micro's product, when configured properly, really won't slow your system down unless you're using very old hardware. Their website has a number of free tools you can use to analyze your registry and other setting (Hijack This, for example) and scanners. Another great site is Go there and run the full tests. You'll have to sign up, but I've never received any spam as a result of their service. If its not virus related PCPitstop will find a number of ways to improve performance and give you step-by-step directions.

Nothing, of course, will improve your system more than backing up your data, wiping the hard drive and performing a clean install. Best of luck to you!

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A few things to try.

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to PC restarts automatically

First try booting into safe mode (generally by pressing F8 while post splash screen is on-screen). If you can boot into safe mode then you know that it is not something to do with the OS. If you cannot boot into safe mode try running your setup disk for windows and try running a repair install.
Let us know if you can get either to work.

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What Operating System

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC restarts automatically

are you using? As it will depend on the actions that you will need to take.

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System Restore from Recovery Console

by TommyDeca In reply to PC restarts automatically

Found this as a possible solution with a little help from Google. You should try it out, and let us know if it works.

---- Copy & paste ----

System Restore from Recovery Console

Sometimes I screwed up my machine so bad, that i couldnt boot into windows anymore, not even safe mode. So i looked around for ages and eventually found out how to do it in the recovery console. For anyone who is new to windows, the recovery console can be found by booting up your machine with the XP CD in the drive, and booting off of that CD. Then it will ask you if you want to go to the recovery console, and select that option. The recovery console is basically a MS DOS command prompt, with a little more functionality.

When you get to the recovery console follow these instructions.
? Type CD\ then Enter
? Then cd system~1\_resto~1 then Enter
? Type dir then Enter
When you hit enter it will list all the restore points folders like rp1, rp2 ??.. If the restore points have more than one page then u have to keep on hitting the <Enter> key to view the last restore point folder. You will have to choose the second to last option folder
? Type cd rp {the second to the last restore point no. } (Note: Example: cd rp9, if rp9 is the second to the last restore point where the last restore point no. is 10
? Then type cd snapshot
Now the command prompt will look like this c:\system~1\_resto~1\rp9\snapshot
? Type: copy _registry_machine_system c:\windows\system32\config\system
? Press enter
? Then type: copy _registry_machine_software c:\windows\system32\config\software
Then type exit

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