PC Restarts its self

By dharsan_uk ·
While using a application on my PC it restarts its self, without any warning, can you please help me on this. What is a solution for this?

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Answer, may or may not be helpful

by NDS84 In reply to PC Restarts its self

Unfortunately, this could be for any number of reasons related to software, hardware, or both. In my experience I would say this is likely a hardware issue. More specifically, bad memory or your system is overheating. (On issues like this I tend to lean towards hardware, especially if you haven?t installed or updated any software recently, - but do check for viri)


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First Step

by mm212 In reply to Answer, may or may not be ...

This isn't the fix for your problem. It's only a way to get more information. Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties". Go to "Advanced" and click the S"ettings" button under "Startup and Recovery". Uncheck the box next to "Automatically restart" and click OK and OK. I believe a restart is necessary before it takes effect. What this will do is when the computer has the error, rather than rebooting, it will give you a Blue Screen of Death. This will provide you with more information on what is causing the problem.

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My gut feeling

by Dumphrey In reply to First Step

is bad or going bad ram chip. Other possible options are corruption in the windows registry, bad hard drive sector, and weirld or failing power supply. But I would bet on bad ram. Look for a copy of Memtest86, its a tiny lil program that can be booted off a cd or floppy. Let it run for 5-8 hours. If you see only a few (less then 10 errors) then your ram is probably fine. If you have several hundred errors, your ram is shot. A new stick of good ram should give no more then3 or 4 errors ina 24 hour run, idealy zero errors.

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by theoutlawtorn70 In reply to My gut feeling

I think that your machine is virus infected, do a thorough virus check and let us know about it dude...

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