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By GJ2008 ·
I've been asked to carry out a PC replacement project where I'm currently working. This will involve replacing PCs that are 4 years old.

Any tips/ideas on how to go about this or questions I need to address whilst working on this project.

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by highlander718 In reply to PC Rollout Project

You unplug the old PC. Than you plug in the new one :-)).

Now seriously, I went through at least 2 projects like this one, and we are upgrading PC's in a continuoas basis as well. It really depend on how big of a network (I suppose it is a network) you are talking about (how many PC's), do you want to change OS, protocols any software on the system ..etc.
basically the best thing is to setup an initial PC with everything you need (basic setup), create an image (Norton ghost or something simillar) and just deploy that on every PC after that. You can setup all the new PC's and deploy them during a weekend or over a few days, or you can do one by one over a few weeks, again depending on the number we are talking about.
If you have "delicate" PC's (special applications, special hardware attached) I would leave those at the end and also make sure they are compatible with any new OS you might want to deploy. I had apps that worked under '98 but not under Xp so had to take special care of those.

Bottom line, although it takes more time, replacing PC's is way easier that replacing your server :-))

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by ariston In reply to PC Rollout Project

I would recommend replacing the workstations with PCs from Dell with the OS preloaded. If you are not keeping the old workstations, then remove the hard drive from the old workstation and set it as a slave in the new. Copy in the My Docs, Favorites, email or anything important data keeping the slave drive for backup. You will need to reinstall the necessary applications, but if you are prepared with the media then it should not be too difficult. It all depends on what apps you have in place.

Hope that helps!

Ariston Collander

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by IT-Sage (bschirf) In reply to PC Rollout Project

We're in the middle of a 55k+ PC replacement which includes: upgrading everyone to WinXP (from Win2k,NT,98, and even 95); implementing strong asset mgmt & app inventory sw; automated virus updates, msft updates; active directory rollout; expanding sw push tools & introducing a self-service software PULL website to reduce HD requests; implemting complete sw arch standardization... and oh yeah... we're doing it in the middle of the largest Chap-11 bankruptsy in the history of the world. =^)

It's not an easy question to answer but take a look at the list above. Even smaller orgs should research these topics and see if they have a place.

A PC refresh is a great time to implement change. Take advantage of it!

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by jwilson In reply to PC Rollout Project

In addition to all the mentioned tricks, you should also check out Microsoft's User State Migration Tool. The USMT will backup and restore all of your user's files and settings with very little effort on your part.

Godd luck!

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by jagan.krish In reply to PC Rollout Project

you can create an "image" of the software and applications using Norton Ghost. Then you may use 'Universal Imaging Utility' to transfer the image to any PC with different configuration/driver/chipset etc.

all the best

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