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PC Rollout Project

By GJ2008 ·
I've been asked to carry out a PC replacement project where I'm currently working. This will involve replacing PCs that are 4 years old.

Any tips/ideas on how to go about this or questions I need to address whilst working on this project.

Does anyone have links to websites that contain sample plans?

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by theohkm In reply to PC Rollout Project

My two cents:

o Time Span - When and how long do you expect it to take.

o List of Tasks - Prepare a list of tasks, softwares (drivers) and hardware (cables, CD-RW) required to take care of the migration.

o Man Power - How much man power will be needed for this migration under the time frame ?

o Fallback plan - What if new machine doesn't run old software properly?

o Communication - Prepare template of emails/letter to the colleagues of concern, asking what they need to backup or cleanup.

o Inventory - Label the machines and save the information into an excel worksheet - hardware contents, maintainance period, vendor etc.

o Define good policy in utilizing the resources - Users often use computer in a "convenient" way, that introduces a lot of unwanted effects - such as data files spreading throughtout the drive.

Hope this helps!

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by marccouture In reply to PC Rollout Project

I highly recommend Gantthead:

This site has lots of sample plans, including PC fleet rollouts. Requires paid membership to access all contents.

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by wlbowers In reply to PC Rollout Project

If you have a bunch to do try to go with a model that will be avaible for a while.

If you can maintain a constant hardware base it takes a big headache away from the IT folks.


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