PC Screen Goes Black.

After using my PC for a bit the Monitor goes black as if the PC has been turned off.

This then means i have to reset the PC as as Ctr Alt Del does nothing.

There is still power though.

Any ideas?

Basic System Info

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

AMD Phenom X4 9600B 37

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PC Screen Goes Black.

by JUDGE DREDD04 In reply to PC Screen Goes Black.

It did it again tonight.

There was a audible click from inside the case then the screen went black.

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Reponse To Answer

by 326960 In reply to PC Screen Goes Black.

Please check that Ur video card is well seated in its slot. 2-Check that the screen is well plugged-in. In the event of continued screen blackouts, get a computer technician to check if the box is well ventilated and not clogged with dust. If, after dusting off the inside of the system Unit, the problem persist, then Ur video card needs changing; and a much bigger casing with adequate cooling fans is needed. This is just a word of advise.

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by juliekimjoyce In reply to PC Screen Goes Black.

For what it's worth, sometimes screens go black with a build-up of static (some makes go white) - I'm not sure why, but I've known unplugging the power to the screen and leaving it for a few minutes will sometimes sort it out. (I was a tech in a school, and there'd typically be one like that in every ckassroom.) At least it's worth a try, and quick.

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by CRkarlos In reply to PC Screen Goes Black.

most likely its video card overheating,
remove video card and clean it with antistatic brush
and try again
if it still does it its likely the heat transfer compound
between graphics card and vent is not doing his work
replace it (artic silver comes to my mind).
this are basic steps but be careful.

the clic thing u mention is a clic or its a beep
if its a beep check ur motherboard site for beep error codes
for ur particular brand the codes are in the product technical pdf

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something I have had work is

by Sue T In reply to PC Screen Goes Black.

reseating the memory. I work in a school and have now done this on enough computers and had it work that it is now the first thing I try. You may also want to try another cable or monitor on that computer and see if the problem goes away.

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