PC screen goes blank after Windows XP load screen

By matt_6226 ·
I'm having an issue with my desktop PC recently. For some reason, after the Windows XP load screen passes, my monitor goes blank- it does not indicate that the signal is lost and there is a green light on the monitor to indicate there is a signal, plus there is no hard drive activity after this point- if i watch my HDD light on the front of my PC it doesn't blink once.

I have rebooted into safe mode and that works fine. I have also uninstalled the video drivers for the card installed in the PC (ATI Radeon 9800 XT) and tried rebooting normally to have XP redetect the card but the same blank screen happens. I have also tried a different monitor and disconnected all peripherals from the PC with no luck.

I am going to try removing the video card and using the onboard video as i have read some posts indicating this may be a video driver issue, although i'm skeptical after the attempts i've made to address a video issue haven't made a difference.

My machine is running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 RC.. I haven't made any hardware changes recently, and i have only made a few software changes recently (removed and reinstalled drivers for D-Link DWL-G132 Airplus ExtremeG wireless USB adapter- which have since been removed), uninstalled Google toolbar for IE (v7), and installed network magic v4.6)

I have also tried physically removing the video card and using the onboard video, along with removing/switching RAM modules into different slots on the motherboard, both yeilded no results.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: PC screen goes blank

When you switched over to on-board graphics did you then go into the "bios" and activate it? If you did not then i would suggest that you did this and then you can then do a check list as you go along. If this does not work then it could be your monitor going on the blink, have you tested your monitor on another computer? PLease post back with more info and if you have cured or fluffed up any connections that we can work on here.

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PC screen goes blank

by matt_6226 In reply to Re: PC screen goes blank

There isn't an option (that i can see) in the BIOS for this- i will check again when i reboot. i currently have the PC plugged into another monitor and it is still doing the same thing, so i suspect the monitor is not the issue here. i can boot one of my other PCs off this monitor to be sure there isn't an issue with it. i am currently running a virus scan and it has picked up a number of infections related to trojan.metajuan and trojan.vundo- both of which i had experienced issues with recently and thought i had removed but apparently not-i don't believe these infections are causing the issue, as i have had them for a number of days recently and they have never caused this type of behavior before.

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Re. Screen goes blank

So you have a virus, that does not sound good. You would be better off with purchasing a new hdd and then loading on you windows software and then access your files on your old hdd and do a copy over to the new hdd. After that do a very good disk wipe, you will find this software on the internet. When you have purchased one of these disk wipers do good wipe at least three times, set it to do "O's and 1's", that way you will be sure of getting a good clean. Hope all works out for you. Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Screen goes blank

by matt_6226 In reply to Re. Screen goes blank

Thanks for your suggesstions. I have removed the viruses from my hard drive and the problem remains. At this point I am confident that this issue is not related to malfunctioning hardware, such as the hard drive, video card etc, so i would like to believe that i can still resolve this issue by determining the cause. I believe it is software related at this point, considering the PC boots just fine into safe mode, however when i try to boot it normally, it halts after the XP load screen with the blank screen and NO hard drive activity (except for a few barely noticeable 'blips' after the blank screen appears) this is why i believe it is software/service related, i think something has stopped XP from loading at this point and i am not sure what could be causing this. if anyone has any suggestions that might help me in this situation i would greatly appreciate any help. thanks again for all help thus far.

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RE: PC screen goes blank after Windows XP load screen

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC screen goes blank afte ...

Restart the PC in Safe Mode and edit your Boot.ini file.

Add these 2 switches /SOS /bootlog
EG: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /sos /bootlog /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
Shutdown and restart the PC as you would normally. Give it a few minutes on the blank screen before rebooting into Safe Mode and navigate to c:\windows\Ntbtlog.txt
Open the file and check to see what has been loaded.


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