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Top 10 Security Tips 11/11/05

by ankmaster In reply to PC Security & Support

<table align="left" bgcolor="#ebebeb" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" width="3**">
<tbody><tr><td class="header" width="177">Top 10 Cyber Security tips </td>
<td width="194"><div align="right"><img src="" height="44" width="45" /></div></td>
<td valign="top"><p class="text_black">According
to the National Cyber Security Alliance and its Web site
(, here are the Top 10 Cyber Security Tips that
will help you stay safe online. In order of importance (#1 being most
important), they are: </p>
<p class="text_black">1. Use anti-virus software and keep it up to date. </p>
<p class="text_black">2.
Don't open e-mails or attachments from unknown sources. Be suspicious
of any unexpected e-mail attachments even if it appears to be from
someone you know. </p>
<p class="text_black">3. Protect your computer from Internet intruders -- use a firewall. </p>
<p class="text_black">4. Regularly download security updates and "patches" for your operating systems and other software. </p>
<p class="text_black">5.
Use hard-to-guess passwords. Mix uppercase, lowercase, numbers, or
other characters not easy to find in a dictionary, and make sure they
are at least eight characters long. </p></td>
<td class="text_black" valign="top"><p>6. Back up your computer data on disks or CDs regularly. </p>
<p>7. Don't share access to your computers with strangers. Learn about file sharing risks. </p>
<p>8. Disconnect from the Internet when not in use. </p>
Check your security on a regular basis. When you change your clocks for
daylight-savings time, reevaluate your computer security. </p>
<p>10. Make sure your family members/computer users know what to do if your computer becomes infected. </p>
The key to success is the right combination of common sense and technology!</td></tr></tbody>

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Firewall Definition

by ankmaster In reply to PC Security & Support

<p class="sidebar_bold_black"><strong>What <em>is </em></strong><strong> a firewall? </strong></p>

firewall creates a protective barrier between your computer and the
outside world, to keep your data safe and intruders out. There are two
forms of firewalls: software firewalls that run on your personal
computer, and hardware firewalls that protect a number of computers at
the same time. In general, both work by controlling which desktop
applications can communicate with the Internet -- filtering out
unauthorized or potentially dangerous types of communications and
activities. Firewalls also ensure that unauthorized people can't gain
access to your computer via the Internet.<br />

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