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PC Serial Number / Service Tag

By togi.thomas ·
Does anyone know of any command line utility or DOS command that returns the PC's serial number (service tag) off the BIOS.

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PC Serial Number / Service Tag

by timwalsh In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

This is something that you really need to talk to your PC manufacturer's Tech Support about. Standard BIOS does not hold this information. The manufacturer of your PC would have had to modify the BIOS to hold this information. They would also be the one to provide any utility that would read this information from BIOS.

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PC Serial Number / Service Tag

by togi.thomas In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

I know for a fact that there is a command line utility that reads off the BIOS. I've seen it a long time ago but unfortunately cant remember what it was.

Further, there are several hardware inventory audit softwares that are vendor neutral. they must be using a command and this is what I'm interested in.

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PC Serial Number / Service Tag

by TheChas In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

You can get the BIOS string which can identify the BIOS and motherboard.

For Intel CPUs, you can get the CPU serial number.

Check out the utilities from Unicore software:

Remove thespace between awardutil and s.htm

Unicore sells custom BIOS's for PCs.

According to the link at
you can request a DOS version of Unicore's own BIOS identification utility from the feedback page at Unicore.

Here is a link to some other good system information software:

Like Tim, I do not believe that there is a system specific serial number in the BIOS for most systems / motherboards.
If there was, I am sure that this serial number would be part of Microsoft's Product Activation system.


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by tRippin In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

Go to BIOS and take a look??

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

I'm thinking you may be using a Dell PC?

There IS a dos program that will read the asset tag (read: Dell serial number) from the BIOS of Dell PC's, called ASSET.COM. I am not sure whether is is available from Dell or not. I will see if I can find out?


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by javier In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

As the friend said, you migth be asking for a DELL service tag, first, you can locate it in a sticker behind your system, it has a bar code and some caracters like WD92Z, but if you can?t find it, the easy way tohave it isto log on, complete the register and once inside go to system datils and warranty, and select find your service tag number.

Another think very important: Ratethisanswer.

Thanks, hope this help

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by cs75062 In reply to PC Serial Number / Servic ...

Go to and use the standard login under support or downloads. They will scan your PC and give you the SN and Service Tag.

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