PC shut off and will not power back up.

By ksx5000 ·
I was using my comp tonight when it unexpectedly shut off. When I try and restart it only the power light on the front of the PC and the little led light on the mother board will go on...nothing else. There are no beeps or other sounds from the pc, no fans running and the dvd drive does nothing as well. Is this a power supply issue or something else like the mohterboard?

Pc specs are

Gateway 820GM
P4 3.2Ghz
2Gig ddr ram
ATI raedon x850 xt graphics card.


I have occasionally been noticing an unfamiliar noise coming from the pc recently but I had assumed it was the rear exhaust fan that was starting to go bad. The noise was not present when the comp had shut off however.

I had already replaced the PSU once to meet the power requirements for the graphics card that is currently installed.

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Check Processor Fan

by jeanbartbassam In reply to PC shut off and will not ...

If processor is overheating, it will shut down all your PC activities.
Other possibility is a damage part in the MB like disk controllers or any other electrical component.

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Power supply

by colmgdonnelly In reply to PC shut off and will not ...

Sounds to me like its the power supply. (nine out of ten times what your describing is). Try removing the graphics card and replacing the psu with one from a similar machine. If it posts (fans and disks spinning) your looking good. If not it could be the board and would probably be cheaper to replace. The fact that you've already blown a psu it would lead me to believe that the issue lies there. have a look at getting a surge protector socket (very cheap). Spikes in your electricity supply could cause this.

Hope this helps

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I would start with the PS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PC shut off and will not ...

As you made no mention of what the original was replaced with if it was another No Name it's likely to have failed. Many of these when they fail take the M'Board & CPU along with them as well so for that reason if nothing else it's cheap insurance to use Brand Name PS.


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