pc shutdowns

By alf_bro ·
desktop shuts down randomly. blew out case & fan & now running with cover off. can play dvd's and run apps, only when i run spybot now it shuts down. also moved to a cooler area in house. don't think mo or psu, then what?

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Um, let's try that again...

by daveo2000 In reply to pc shutdowns

This time using complete sentences with complete words. Some of us here are able to answer questions very well but don't read abbreviations as well.

Please indicate some of the following in complete sentences:

What type of OS are you running?

What is running on the machine when it shuts down?

It sounds like the only time it shuts down is when you run "Spybot", if so then it isn't really random. Are there any other patterns?

Put the machine back together and check the case when it shuts down. Is the case abnormally hot? Do you have another "normal" machine to compare it to?

Are you doing anything, um, "extra" to the machine? Are you overclocking a 2 GHz chip at, say, 3 GHz? Are you running 12 hard drives on one 250 Watt power supply?

Anything else useful?

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