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pc shuts down but power light is on

By RG11 ·
I have a compaq EVO D310 with XP pro. Recently as I am working or the pc is sitting, it will automatically shut down. It isnt powering off because the lights on the MB and the power light on the front of the case is lit. The fans run. The keyboard light goes out and cap/num locks do not respond and stay un-lit. The screen goes black and the monitor light goes orange. From here I power down by unplugging. SOmetimes it comes up sometimes it doesnt. I have swapped HD and Ram. Still happens. What are recomended testing procedures. I ran diagnostics and got a random data test failed memory compare mismatch but when I ran it again this passed and ran fine then the next day it went down again..

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by sgt_shultz In reply to pc shuts down but power l ...

what about trying another power supply? that or something on the supply pulling it down when it gets too hot like failing ram and hd (but you tried that).
when i get these i try to make them fail. shake the box, heat the box, cool the box...
we need the chas and others but here is my 2 cents. sounds like flakey power supply or other hardware going down.
see if system bios is configure to shut you down under some circumstance, like low voltage, no fan, too hot. maybe the fans spins but the sensor wire is badly connected or something...
how about try to boot from win98 startup floppy and see if system stays up. that might rule out flakey power supply.
i have never had good memory fail diagostics myself. so i would test it again a few times.
does reboot always fix this? then probably not heat...if you suspect heat, try to make it fail by overheating it. cover vents, put lights on it, like that. or try to make it better by cooling with coolspray or canned air. this thermal shocking might finish it off if you have part going down...have you been to compaq website for this?

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by RG11 In reply to

swapped power supplies-didnt help The machine was cold when I turned it on and it still didnt start up. I swapped processors and that was the problem..

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by steffeno In reply to pc shuts down but power l ...

From my experience, I would say there's a number of possibility.
1) Try plugging in another Video PCI Card.
2) Try using another monitor.

Hope it helps.

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by RG11 In reply to

I swapped the processor and this fixed it..

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by mikex In reply to pc shuts down but power l ...

Check your CPU temperature first and see what's going on, check and disable all ACPI settings - first from the BIOS and then from Win
If this not help I agree with the Video card swap/change or Power supply problems(buy 300W)

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by RG11 In reply to pc shuts down but power l ...

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