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    PC Shutting into Hybernation


    by musicphanmike ·

    I have a 5 year old Gateway PC (700x). It is now shutting off automatically – it technically shuts into hibernation mode due (power switch LED is yellow). The fan on the power supply is not running so I assume this shut down is thermal related. It runs for about 45 minutes from cold status before shutting down, when hot about 5 minutes.

    Could the fan be defective and replaced – or do I have to replace the entire power supply?

    Looking at the fan it does not appear to have any power leads so I assume the fan runs off internal power feed from the power supply.

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      by musicphanmike ·

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      Power Supplies are Inherently Dangerous

      by oh smeg ·

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      Unless you know exactly what you are doing and how to do it you should [b]Never Open Any Power Supply Ever![/b]

      As you don’t appear to know how a fan connects to the Printed Circuit Board inside the power supply tends to reinforce this quite a lot.

      You need a Electronic Earthed Tip Soldering Iron to perform this type of work but if the fan has not been working for any period of time the Power Supply will already have been damaged and will not be worth the time and effort to attempt repair.

      It’s really much better to replace the entire Power Supply than run the risk of killing yourself or worse still turning the internals of the computer to junk.


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