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PC sluggish when connected to domain

By DimAZ ·
I have a WINXP SP1 box connected to a Win2003 domain and when they are in the same building connected through a Local Area Network, the PC runs fine. But once we take the PC to another location in the same city where it is connected through a local cable provider's connection, the whole system slows to a crawl if we log into the domain account. Log into a local account and the system runs fine. Any ideas?

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Technical Q&A

by Oz_Media In reply to PC sluggish when connecte ...

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You posted to the wrong forum, but you will get help if you post in the Technical Q&A forum.

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by nedwards In reply to PC sluggish when connecte ...

Think you problem is the way it's been cabled check the wiring on your socket to your patchpanel make sure the are mirrored

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by sjkern In reply to PC sluggish when connecte ...

Check the speed/duplex setting on the network adapter. Advance tab

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Windows XP problem

by jeffw In reply to PC sluggish when connecte ...

I have had this problem and it is a Windows XP problem. Service Pak 2 is supposed to take care of it per Microsoft.

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Check DNS

by jimmypi In reply to PC sluggish when connecte ...

If your running 2003 active directory then your possibly routing DNS through a firewall back to your AD controller to do lookups, If you have DNS locally then have it rout there.

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