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    PC Software/Hardware Training Syllabus


    by mshone ·

    My company provides Aeronautical Maintenance for an Airfield which is currently on a massive renewal of all major systems. As with most of todays equipment these systems are PC based of which our Technicain Staff has very limited knowledge. Myself and the Company Trainer are arguing over length and content of an In house course we intend to run for the Techs. Does anyone have a suggested Syllabus which we can follow or a link of some kind? As usual the Company wants this done at minimal cost, but then dont they all?

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      PC Software/Hardware Training Syllabus

      by ~atheria ·

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      Cost. Yes, it does always come into the equation.

      Ask yourself these questions and then you will have a hint where to “start”

      What is the level of the students to be taught?

      What level would they need to be after training?

      How much time can we allot for training?

      Is our current knowledge what we need to impart to the students?

      If not, who would we need to bring in to teach the course?

      Do we need tailored teaching or can we go with a “canned” (preset) course?

      Now, these are just a few of the questions I ask clients before they plunk down hundreds or thousands of dollars for their computer training.

      If you have students who are novices, and you want them to get to an intermediate level you’re going to have to invest some time and effort in finding out what each of their strengths and weaknesses are to fill in all of the holes so that your training is worthwhile.

      You didn’t specify what you wanted them to learn, is it Windows navagation, Office 97/2000,or hardware troubleshooting.

      If you start breaking it up into workable pieces, you’ll see where your training task lies.

      Take care,

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      PC Software/Hardware Training Syllabus

      by pjpatiky ·

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      MS – If I may. It appears you are asking your question backwards. You ask, Where do I start, and Where do I travel? It would be better to ask Where do I want to end up, and What path do I take tp get there? And What area do I enter to present myself to the entrance? That is, where are the airfield techs supposed to end up? And what path do I take to get them there? Try:

      And Good Luck

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      PC Software/Hardware Training Syllabus

      by mshone ·

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