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PC Specialist

By Lil~Bunny~Nose~520 ·
What exactly is a PC Specialist?
What is there job description?

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by Dave the Computer Guy In reply to PC Specialist

Well a PC Specialist can really mean many things. I know in my previous job as a part of Management when we were looking for a PC Specialist it meant that we were looking for someone to come in and be able to troubleshoot and support both hardware and software. Now the specifics of that depend on the place doing the hiring. A smaller company you could probably expect to do some Windows installs, Office installs, memory upgrades, etc. In a larger environment you might be looking at doing complete installs from Ghost images or another type of image solution. It might also mean you are responsible for backups, inventory, setup, the whole PC drill. I would recommend that if the company hiring has an HR department you email them asking for more details on the position.

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by mjd420nova In reply to PC Specialist

Must be a Hardware / Software Senior Technician
Desktop/laptop and peripherals.
Software is quite variable and represent all
levels of technology.

Seems to me that was a discription from a
civil service job 25 years ago.
Computer Specialist was Mainframe and VM versed
and each department employed different
peripherals and did there own service.
The way the boss explained it, they just
produce and provide the data, its up to each
department to decide how and what to do
with that data.

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by Lil~Bunny~Nose~520 In reply to

This didn't really answer my question.

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by jc2it In reply to PC Specialist

A PC Specialist will have an Understanding of both Hardware and Software that the business uses. For a design company it could mean Macintosh, for a financial company it might mean SUN Solaris, and Java Desktop, and for most companies it probably means Wintel hardware with knowledge of Common Applications and Application data integration.

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microsoft specialist and comptia a+

by kpak44wh In reply to

When you say a pc specialist, Microsoft refers it to
someone who has the basic skills when it comes to
working on computers, or a desk help person. It would
either be someone with the Microsoft pc specialist cert, or
a+ cert. Neither one is trained in os x or linux, not even in
network skills. I had a friend who went to school in
Amarillo to get his pc specialist degree. He only has the
basic skills in working on computers. The truth is, find
someone who has the certification or degree, and the
experience to do the job. Like
MCP, MCSE, or A+,or network+. That makes it more black
and white, and not such a grey area.

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