Pc start up issues

By dannjsz ·
Hey guys. My PC has been working fine then I had a power outage, my computer was not on at the moment though, so it might not have been the issue. After running my PC the whole day I shut it down over night, when I turn it on it turns on no problem but it doesn't go past the bios information to get into bios by pressing Del or F2. I have to shut down the PC completely and flip the switch on the power supply from off to on and turn the PC on again and it loads to start up no problem. It's an Asus motherboard and I also noticed by the memory there is a led light the flashes 2 times or so when I first turn it on.

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Judging from the information you posted

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Pc start up issues

I would guess a faulty power supply, or possibly some peripheral such as the USB ports, where a pin is damaged. You could try by unhooking the USB port cables from the motherboard to see if the flashing goes away. However if it is a power supply going down, that may only be a short term bandaid. The power outage may have been enough to weaken the PSU (power supply unit) enough that full power is not being sent to the USB panels. Even when turned off, some current is passing through most electronics when plugged in to the wall sockets.

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Power surges

by mjd420nova In reply to Pc start up issues

This sounds like a surge has done some damage to the power supply. The reset cycle or power off sequence is not reaching all the circuits, making a power removal needed to reset the power supply and achieve full boot sequence.

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Power surges

by dannjsz In reply to Power surges

But I can still turn on the PC to full boot up and use it no problem if I disconnect power supply completely and turn it on. It just has issues posting if I restart pc or just shut down from windows and turn it back on.

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