????PC Starts in Safe mode after SP2 Installation????

By shacking6 ·
I hope to get some help and direction from this website.

I had Installed SP2 from a Disc on my Windows XP Pro SP1 edition My PC restarted after the download finished but started up in Safe Mode.

What would be a suggestion to fix this problem to get my Windows XP to run correctly with SP2?

I have uninstalled SP2, I got XP to run properly again, then tried reinstalling from the Microsoft website, But the same thing Happened.. Safe Mode???

Your answers would be appreciated and thanked In advanced.


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Depends on the individual computer

by OH Smeg In reply to ????PC Starts in Safe mod ...

If it is a old one or has some old parts in it like Optical Drives something may not be compatible with SP2 for XP. The same thing happened with SP1 and I spent a week trying to work out what the Partition information was disappearing off the Boot Drive when SP1 was installed.

Back them M$ made mention of a problem with some CD Burners which could cause problems. As this was on a then New P4 with one of the first DVD ROM Drives it was very new and the DVD Rom was the problem I eventually worked this out but only after wasting a week and a lot of Sedatives to stop me throwing the computer in a swimming pool with the thing running.

On the SP2 Install Disc there is a Compatibility Test Tool use that to see if anything doesn't pass.


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Pc work in Safe mode after installing SP2.

by Gopal Saini In reply to Depends on the individual ...

Well friend,
according to me, i think everything is fine.
You can do one thing first of all install sp2. and after that it works in safe mode then check in device manager if some drivers are conflicting.. you will see it by exlemation sign (!) with yellow color na..
and im sure the prob is of driver confliction and after that update the driver of display sound, lan and usb and other peripheral which u have installed on expansion slot. download the updated driver for sp2 edition... Im sure it will work.. Thanx for writing...

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You may b right

by shacking6 In reply to Pc work in Safe mode afte ...

Thanx for your comments!

I think you maybe right, I will be very sure to do this.

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About my PC

by shacking6 In reply to Depends on the individual ...

Thanks 4 your reply.

My Pc is about 4years old, It did have SP2 with my XP home addition, I had to re Install it, but it wouldnt work, so I tried another OS XP Pro, It only has SP1, So I have tried SP2 seperate, but It would restart in safe Mode...

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Well in that case it will not make any difference

by OH Smeg In reply to About my PC

XP Home & Pro are exactly the same in Hardware requirements if it previously had SP2 Home when you load XP Pro and Install SP2 you can only look at the drivers being the cause here. If you had of mentioned this first I would have told you that. Unfortunately I don't have a working Crystal Ball that tells me everything that you know so I can only reply directly to what information you provide. XP SP1 in any form is now very old even by M$ Standards.

You have to look at the Device Drivers in use here. If they came with the SP1 version then obviously something isn't SP2 compliant. You need to get copies of all the drivers and update them to the newest available except maybe the Video Card which may not work at it's best with the latest river.


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See if this is of any help

by Jacky Howe In reply to ????PC Starts in Safe mod ...

When you installed XP did you install the Motherboard Drvers. Run the PC with SP1 and install all Motherboard Drivers and as Gopal Saini has suggested go on the net and download Updated Drivers. These will include Chipset, Network and Video.

Download Siw.exe to the desktop.

Run Siw.exe left click on Harware to expand it. You will be able to find out about your Devices.
Example: Left click on Motherboard to get your Chipset information.

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