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    PC starts up but no video.


    by denis2eth ·

    I shared my problem somewhere else but couldn’t find solution. The problem with my pc is that when I press start button the system starts but there is no video. Just black screen. This happened after I added additional RAM.
    Now that I tried everything but the video would not start at my will but it seldom starts after startup without me doing any other thing than pressing START.
    I would be glad if anyone could tell me how I may start the video manually. Or some other thing than changing RAM or bios setup.
    The motherboard is Intel d845gvsr. It has been working fine for good 4 yrs. And dead for about 5 mths. I would be glad if I can fix it someway. Big thanks.

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      by denis2eth ·

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      Does it work if you take the RAM back out?

      by robo_dev ·

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      Is this onboard video or a discreet video card?

      Tried another video card?
      Tried another monitor?

      There is no way to jump-start the video initializtion.

      Is the machine POSTing normally?

      Is this the correct RAM for the motherboard?

      Sometimes timing issues or incorrect RAM voltage settings can cause problems like this. Do your BIOS settings allow you to adjust the voltage that memory runs at?

      Have you tried defaulting the bios and also upgrading the Bios?

      Is the system overclocked?

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      If you’ve zero video, how are you sure the system is booting?..

      by older mycroft ·

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      What was the RAM upgrade? How much memory did you upgrade from?

      Have you had an opportunity to try another monitor?

      Is this system still using the onboard video chip?

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