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PC stopped doing anything

By bittman2 ·
computer was working fine one day turned it off for the night nest day tuned it on and not one noise is heard from it. I live alone so no one else had access to it while I was at work. Took side cover off have replaced Power supply, video card, completely gutted the case looked over mother board with magnfine glass. re-installed every thing still nothing. This system had been working together for a number of months like around 8 or so. cleared cmos, have noticed that when pressing the power botton there is a power light on the board and just next to it is another light and when power botton is pressed this second light just flickers and I can just hear a faint sound as the light flickers and that is about it. It is right now striped to mb,vc,ps,and two ram chips in slots 1&3.
Abit IC7-G II 2.8GHz intel P4 800fsb ram 3200 vc is ATI 9250. This is the secound time this model board has done this first time bit the big one and bought new board and installed every thing nothing new but board and presto its been running until a few days ago. Contacted Abit and no help there, they say to take it back to place I bought it. they say they can't help. somebody please help before I shoot myself.

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by JEPott In reply to PC stopped doing anything

I'm not sure what kind of equipment you have around to do this, but here are some ideas to try to narrow down the issue. Try your video card, CPU, and ram in another computer to ensure they are working - also, if you can, try a different video card and ram in your computer. Unfortunately I think your issue is going to come down to the motherboard or the power supply. Take a close look at your motherboard - check the capaciters... one of them might be leaking or may have ruptured - if you find one that is bulging or ruptured then you will need to replace the board or if you feel you are good with a soldering iron you could get a replacement capaciter at Radio Shack and solder the new one on. Another idea is to find an inexpensive or used power supply and try it in your computer. I hope that you are able to try one or more of these ideas and can get this fixed without to much trouble or without spending to much money. Hope this helps - JEPott

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by 3xp3rt In reply to PC stopped doing anything

Verify the fans of your system. Can be a security BIOS setting enabled what block the power on if one of the fans not working.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to PC stopped doing anything

sheesh. i am going to avoid that brand.
i feel your pain. it's all good, don't shoot yourself...
i think the little that flickers is the 'power ok' light. motherboard won't come up until power is right level. so it tries to come up, measures power and fail-safe shuts down. it should be in your mobo manual, i am just guessing about it.
my guess is due to hidden short on motherboard as others suggest. but only because you have ruled out most other likely culprits. as that is only way i have of diagnosing bad mobo: eliminate everything else...
i don't know if the mobo does the voltage checking with software or hardware so don't know if the attempt at starting proves that any brains are alive in there but i bet they are. if shorted ram, you could pull it all out and at least see a change. wonder what you get with processor out?
i never tried booting a known good mobo without ram or processor so i dont' know what you'd see. you'd need something in there pulling power, like a hard drive... but my guess is think you'd see 'good power' light come on steady...or cold deadness

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

maybe it isn't even possible for the ram or processor to short out in such a way to cause this...maybe it has to be bigger short like failed cap. but which one?
it does sound like a component failure since you've had two in a row.
if you gonna trash board anyway and desperate maybe the electrolytic caps are the highest likely culprit?? but very low probability of fixing it imho. and zero cost effectiveness if you count time as money anyway...
you should be able to get replacement board from where you bought it for sure. if they want your recommendation to your colleagues. sweet talk them say you will take upgrade to another brand for your trouble. ask for manager. stay in public eye for this discussion. smile and say not satisfied and need new motherboard to be satisfied. if no dice, raise your voice calmly. ask for what you want again (replacement motherboard). otherwise (more loudly) you may be disinclined to recommend this place to your colleagues. you gonna get new motherboard surprisingly quick so remember to leave when you get it. and never go back

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC stopped doing anything

Well I've used quite a lot of ABit M'Boards over the years now and haven't had many problems with them. The ASUS have been my Bugbear as they seem to fail for no reason.

But a few thoughts here when you shut down for the night unplug both the mains and phone line there have been a few instances where wild life has flown into overhead power lines and shorted out he High Voltage to the domestic side of the power grid. I know all about this as I was working on one at the time and the power companies response was "Well we've had no other complaints so it's not out problem!"

There is another possibility remove the reset switch leads for the M'Board and see if it now works. I ran into this one with a sticking reset button being held in the on position and it drove me nuts as it was a brand new case and not a cheap one either but once I pulled it apart and filed off the molding imperfection it worked perfectly.

Also only use the good brand PS as my soon to be dead son was playing games on one of my computers during a thunder storm and when a tree fell bring down power lines several feet of flame shot out the back of the Antec PS and when I replaced the PS expecting everything to be dead it worked perfectly and has done now for 3 years. Although not something that I would recommend to do it is nice to have that extra safety built in to the PS's.

I've only had to return one ABit M'Board and the company was really good when it came to replacing it I had the replacement in under 2 weeks.


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by antuck In reply to PC stopped doing anything

Abit does have good boards, although, recently I had a problem with Abit in returning emails or a call.

One thing I didn't see but may have over looked. Have you disconnected all devices attached to the computer? It may be possible that some external device is holding the system down.

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by darrylb In reply to PC stopped doing anything

I had an ABIT VA10 mobo recently that was intermittently shorting out power supplies.

Is yours still under warranty? If so stop stuffing with it and replace. If not stop wasting time anyway, trying to pinpoint the fault and replace the motherboard.

I have had more ABIT boards with faults than any other brand of the 5 or 6 we use regularly. Suffice to say the department i work for no longer purchase them for any reason... i won't let them.

Oh and they all seem to die quietly one day at a reboot or after a shutdown.

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