PC Stops running after a period of time

By john.techrepublic ·
I have a Customer PC with the following symptoms:

After a period of time 5 to 45 Minutes the PC stops running. The Screen goes blank and the Monitor indicates "No Signal". I checked to see if the PC is still running by Pinging it, and also attempting a RDP session and neither give a response when the PC screen is blank.

The monitor indicates the cable is unplugged if I remove the cable, and "No Signal" when inserted again.

A hard reset of the PC can be done by pressing and holding the Power button (a quick press doesn't work!) after which the screen show the normal boot process and he can carry on working until it happens again. So presumably it's NOT the monitor.

The user thinks it's generally happening as he starts a program or does something, but I've seen it do it when I was just watching the screen as well. It's doesn't appear related to any user initiated activity. (but maybe there is something working in the background that's causing it??)

I have replaced the graphics card (actually added another - before I checked the network side of things, but it makes no difference)

The power lights indicate no change, and there is no noticeable audible change in the fan noise.

I have done the following
1. Cleaned the PC of dust, including remocing and vacumming the heatsink and procesor fan which was quite blocked - no change though!
2. Disabled power settings in Windows and also ensured that the Thermal shutdown protection in the BIOS is switched off.
3. Updated the BIOS to latest version and cleared CMOS settings to defaults.

PC Spec:
Dual Pentium 4 with 1GB RAM and plenty of disk space free.
XP SP2 fully updated.
Motherboard is an ECS AS400-A V1.0
Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (yuck!)

Software state and wellness feeling (for want of a better phrase): The PC is a bit slow when changing windows settings, such as screen settings or other windows dialog settings, but otherwise it's running fairly well and is fast when opening IE, Word etc etc. Has quite a few applications installed such as Copernic Desktop Search and a few other freebie tools, but is used for business use and the user is reasonably careful about where he visits online.

Anyone got any ideas?

It's seems that it's possible that it's a software or Hardware issue???

I was planning on installing a new XP build on the spare drive to check if it runs OK with a new Software build, if it still happens then any ideas on what to start replacing.

I would be very grateful for any assistance or ideas please!


John A

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by ugadata In reply to PC Stops running after a ...

The symptoms would indicate overheating. Have you tried running speedfan or some other program to monitor the CPU temperature? Or just visually checked the CPU Fan to verify it is working OK.

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Now solved

by john.techrepublic In reply to Overheating

Thanks for taking to time to replt. I supected the Power supply and replaced that which did make a differenec but then the motherboard died and nothing ran at all.
A new shiny PC solved the problems :-)

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Maybe the monitor

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to PC Stops running after a ...

We have a few dell machines running here, we had the same fault dell exchanged the monitor and it worked fine!

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Check the CMOS

by john_chrystall In reply to PC Stops running after a ...

The CMOS setting for the max temp for the CPU to cut out may be set too low.

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