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    PC to PC connection


    by nt259 ·

    I wanted to have a PC to PC connection. How to setup via using Network card ?
    That is I wanted to connect PC 1 to PC 2 via network card.
    Both PCs are Win2k

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      by gary.cole ·

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      Hi there

      There are several ways to achieve this, but the two easiest solutions would be:
      1. Connect both machines via a cross-over cable.
      2. Connect both machines to a switch or hub

      Good Luck

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      by nt259 ·

      In reply to PC to PC connection

      Yes, I would like to use Connect both machines via a cross-over cable.

      Any configuration needed to be done on the PCs?

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      You can use a Crossover Cable and then just run the Network Setup Wizard and make sure that File & printer sharing is enabled and then you have a Network running admittedly small and you’ll need to manually share items that you want shared by selecting the item right clicking on it and selecting Sharing then tick the box that asks you to share this item and then OK the share.

      You may run into problems if one of the computers has a Gigabite LAN Connection built in as Crossover Cables don’t work terribly well with this type of LAN Connection and then it would be better to go to a unmanaged Switch/Hub and 2 X CAT5 or 6 cables. Depending on where you buy this from you may find that the Hub and CAT5 cables are only slightly more expensive than the Crossover Cable and in some cases cheaper but this depends on where you are planing on buying the products from.

      Just a word of warning here if you do buy a Crossover Cable make sure that it’s [b]Black[/b] now days many of the makers of CAT Cables are using the same cable to make straight & crossover Cables and the only way that you can tell the difference is 2 pieces of sticky paper stuck close to the ends when the cable is new this naturally comes off with time and can cause major problems latter as the Crossover cable is only good for connecting 2 computers together and can not be used when other Network cables are in place. So if there is a obvious difference in the cable colour it’s easy to pickup on and cheaper to fault find when some tech walks in to fix up something.


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      cloud computer

      by sasi mala ·

      In reply to PC to PC connection

      i would like to know what is that cloud computer….
      plz guide me

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