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PC to thin client (Citix)

By Daygo_171 ·
I have 175 IBM computers ranging from Celeron 433 to P4 3.0GHz. We currently need to transform these machines from Win XP over to Citrix Clients. We DO NOT want to use a window operating system since turn over time is of the essence. Would anyone know of a way to get citrix clients on these machines without the use of a windows OS? I have tried melding the Knoppix version of Linux with Citrix on a CD without any luck. Open to suggesions.


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I am working on the same thing, let me know.

by Jaming In reply to PC to thin client (Citix)

I have the same challenge. We run around 200 desktops with mixed hardware and have the desire to convert them to Linux and use Firefox to access Citrix web interface.

In an ideal world I would take Ubuntu which looks like the best desktop for business, customize it including ica rpm, then use PXE to boot, pulling it off a TFTP/NFS share and Kickstarting it to accommodate the different hardware configurations. Sounds cool huh?

It can be done? but it?s not easy. Here is a quick list of challenges I ran into after researching it one weekend.

Things you might want to run on the desktop and not in Citrix.
? Smart Phone for Linux (Zultys linux softphone)
? Linux fax server support (we use Captaris Rightfax)

Ubuntu specific challenges
? Only some of kickstart functionality is supported
? Deb vs Rpm
? Getting all the pieces to work together is not trivial

Customizations could include:
? Disk partitioning
o Unify disk configuration
? Network configuration
o Set for dhcp etc.
? Kerberos
? Samba
? Firewall configuration
? Custom package selection
? X Window System configuration
? Citrix configuration
? Firefox configuration
o Custom links
o SYSinfo PHP script
? Nagios agent
? FreeNX server
? Centralized logging
o syslog
? NTP sync
? ClamAV/fprot
? Webmin
? Screen Capture
? Softphone
? Fax

I?m immersed in building a DR/BCP strategy and then I am going to re-visit this in a couple months. I?ll try to post info as I come across it. Please keep me posted as you learn things also.

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Knoppix & Citirx too complex

by Daygo_171 In reply to I am working on the same ...

I tried to configure a Knoppix/Citrix client but that proved way to complex. We will be testing with a Product called 2X. This server/client product runs on an intel based server and allows the creation of boot CD Roms like Knoppix(some sort of small Linux distro). This has been put off for a while but we should resume testing during the month of July.

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Turning existing PC's into thin client terminals

by rklein In reply to I am working on the same ...

I may have a solution for you on your desktop issue. If you would like to discuss it, please email me or call me at (248)668-8180.


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Re: Your Citrix Question

by rklein In reply to PC to thin client (Citix)

We are using a thin client PCI card that inserts into our PC's. This card literally turns the PC into a thin client terminal. The PCI card has it's own operating system that includes the ICA protocol for Citrix communications and does not use the windows os that is on the PC. The card is low-cost and all you have to do to install it is to disconnect your hard drive and configure the card,plug in the card, attach the power cord that was being used by the hard drive, and you are up and running.

If you would like more information, please email me at



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PC to Thin Client

by rugged_p In reply to PC to thin client (Citix)

Let me know if you have found a solution. We are developing somthing, and are nearly completed, but can do proof of concept.

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Enjay-PNP cards

by ptejas23 In reply to PC to thin client (Citix)

Dear Sir,
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