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PC to thin Client (Citrix)

By Daygo_171 ·
I have 175 IBM computers ranging from Celeron 433 to P4 3.0GHz. We currently need to transform these machines from Win XP over to Citrix Clients. We DO NOT want to use a window operating system since turn over time is of the essence. Would anyone know of a way to get citrix clients on these machines without the use of a windows OS? I have tried melding the Knoppix version of Linux with Citrix on a CD without any luck. Open to suggesions.


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Please avoid cross-posting.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to PC to thin Client (Citrix ...

No, I don't have an answer to your question. Someone here probably does, but posting the same question to multiple forums ("cross posting") often results in your question being ignored in all forums. If you don't get an answer, that's probably why. Wait a week or so, then repost the question to a single forum.

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PC to thin Client (Citrix)

by guma In reply to PC to thin Client (Citrix ...

First scenario
You can use old good DOS with TCP/IP - For DOS and 32 Bit DOS Ica Client preparing on bootable CD with Autostart to the Citrix Server. I've worked configuration.
But quality of video will be degraded to the 256 colours. And Sound will not be transmitted to the Remote PC.

Second Scenario
You have Tested with Knoppix.
But. You must have linux + Citrix ICA client
+ RDP client on CD.
Because at start you must connect to the Citrix Server (i think logically that is an Presentation Server or MetaFrame not Winframe)
with RDP connection. At this moment WIndows Server
will be consumed terminal license to this computer. And than Connection to the Citrix with all possibility so colours, sound etc will be possible

Information about costs:
When You not need to installing Win 2003 you must
have to know that XP-pro have terminal license to connect to windows 2000 inside - not needed to buy.
At all other configurations You must buy licenses to the DOS or Knoppix or other systems (Terminal Services Licenses to the windows server)

Good luck...

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Look into the Symbiont Boot Appliance

by lew_tech In reply to PC to thin Client (Citrix ...

Get your hands on Symbio Technologies' Symbiont Boot Appliance that has ICA emulation built in. Simply create a session with the Citrix server (input IP address into the boot appliance) and network boot your computers. That is all you need. Investigate

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Using existing technology in a new way

by rcotton1 In reply to PC to thin Client (Citrix ...

There are WinFrame versions of the client software available for almost any OS. All you need is an OS on the PC and a client license for each unit. I have used this method to increase the longevity of older PCs for clients and mixed with Wyse thin client terminals.

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