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PC Tower problem

By kicker2014 ·
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I have a PC Tower and when I turn it on it stays on for about 6 seconds then shuts off. I changed the power supply but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas?

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Check all add-on cards and connections,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to PC Tower problem

might want to reconnect all connections, reseat RAM chips, and make sure the bottom of the motherboard is not contacting any metallic surface which could cause a short. Check the CPU and video adapter (if not on-board), could be problems with them. Clean the inside of the unit to remove dust and other particulates. If the CPU is still "good", reapply thermal paste to the heat shield prior to reseating the CPU.
It may be simpler to rule out bad components to attempt startup with as few as possible. Once you've ruled out any short-circuits, reseated the CPU and video, check connection to HD controller, then install 1 memory module to start with. If the computer starts, then shut down and install the remaining RAM modules, one at a time, and repeat. Then, if equipped with optical drive (DVD, CD ROM) or other drives, attach power and controller cables, one drive at a time, and restart. This way, if there is a component in failure, you can determine which it is by process of elimination, Time consuming, but worth the effort.
The first thing to check is the motherboard...sure sounds as though there is a short circuit on it somewhere, if not this then probably CPU problem, then the RAM modules.

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