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PC Trouble shooting: EC/ KBC update

By rmalinga ·
Time and again my Toshiba 2800-S202 behaves erratically. Right click menus pop up and numerous characters are typed out, usually \\QA1 and the caps lock comes on. On restart it displays message "Ready for EC/KBC update, insert diskette and press any ket to continue" I can not by pass this. What is wrong?

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by dmiles In reply to PC Trouble shooting: EC/ ...

I have read on a few websites that this is actually a problem with the tab key sticking in. By pressing the tab key when booting a toshiba notebook you invoke a driver update, which is why it will ask for the diskette after logging in to windows.
Clean you keyboard (you may need to take apart the notebook to do so), especially the tab key on the left hand side.

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by lhatcher In reply to PC Trouble shooting: EC/ ...

This can mean only one of two possible things. Either the [Tab] key on your computer is stuck, or your system needs to be serviced

First, turn the computer off. If the cause is a stuck [Tab] key, you may be able to un-stick it by tapping the [Tab] key several times. Turn the computer back on. If you don't see "Ready for EC/KBC update", congratulations, you fixed a stuck [Tab] key. If you do see the "Ready for EC/KBC update" message, you should contact a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider and have the system serviced

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by Keith Hailey In reply to PC Trouble shooting: EC/ ...

The Toshiba keyboards are bad about that. My wifes kept giving triple "E"s and I figured I'd clean it like in the old days. It didn't help the "E" problem but the rest of the keys worked better. I ended up getting her another keyboard.

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"Toshiba Authorized Service Provider"?

by lowfi09 In reply to PC Trouble shooting: EC/ ...

I guess I misunderstood the idea behind this site. I am having the same problem. I was hoping I could find where to get the file or files to create an EC/KBC update disk. Being the age of these laptops there surely is no warranty issue left, so fix the problem ourselves would be the preffered method. If anyone has found this information or dealt with this problem before please respond with your solution! ;>

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