PC Troubles Motherboard / ATX

By the.liquidated.prophecy ·

I've read through many articles on here and around the Internet and have yet to find a solution to my problem.

Firstly I will start off with my specifications:

Motherboard: Intel D865GLC
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8ghz
Memory: 2x 512MB Corsair PC3200
ATI 9200 128MB Graphics Gard
Creative Live Sound Card

Basically, I was playing a low-spec game, Streets Wars to be precise, any way, my PC just turned itself off. I know this wasn't due to over heating or a power outage because I run a few extra things off that extension...

Anyway, I've been trying since that day (around a month ago) to find the problem.

The motherboard is receiving power (the power LED on the board is green) but it won't power on. I've used multiple working PSU's and that still doesn't power it up.

I've stripped the PC down to bare minimum components and tried suggested theories and nothing seems to be working.

Kinda hoping my motherboard has not blown as I've not had it that long.

Anyway, hope someone has an idea on this.



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Time for a good inspection

by mjd420nova In reply to PC Troubles Motherboard / ...

I'd pull all the cards and connections and remove that motherboard and inspect it very closely, I use a lighted magnifier. You may find a ruptured capacitor or burned trace. A good nose inspection might reveal some clues also.

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I've already gone through the board, even tried it with new RAM. (Didn't use any other cards, just the RAM and onboard graphics). I'll grab a magnifier and check it over.
No burns marks anywhere on the board, bit will check for cuts or anything.

Thanks for the advice.

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If you installed this motherboard

by mjd420nova In reply to Thanks

If you were the one to install this motherboard, did it have any insulating washers between the standoffs and the bottom of the board. I've seen where they got overlooked and left out, causing just the type of faults you're seeing.

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Yes, I'd been using the computer for about a year and not had any real problems (Aside Hard Drive reformatting) and then as I say, when I was playing the game, it just turned itself off.

I'm going to just scrap this one and just buy a new one. It's getting a bit old now using P4's when the Core 2 Duo's are out.

Thanks for all the help :)

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When I've have problems like this I try removing the M'Board from the case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC Troubles Motherboard / ...

And Bench Testing it to see if there is a Case Problem. Not so long ago I found a High End case with a badly molded Reset Switch button which was locked into the On position so that the computer was not actually turning on but just attempting to reset itself all the time.

I use a Insulated desk top and connect a Keyboard, Mouse & Video as well as a PS and then look at the manual and with a small screwdriver short out the pins for the Power On Switch this should start the unit running. If it doesn't it's easy to change things like RAM and CPU/s so you can test different things without getting into awkward positions to change things.

But if it still doesn't run after this and you have tried changing the CPU and removed all but 1 Stick of RAM and tried it with known good working parts then I would tend to think that the M'Board has gone bad.

If the M'Board is fairly new it should still be Under Guarantee and you can get it replaced as such. While it may take a bit of time to RMA the M'Board at least you know that you'll get a replacement one that actually works. At this stage I would recommend that you switch the PS to something like an Antec PS as they protect the internals much better than the No Name PS's that are so often supplied with cases. I've seen on Antec PS protect a Computer from a tree falling onto overhead Power Lines and bringing the 33 KV lines into contact with the 240 V Mains and while the computer was scrapped by the Insurance Company when I tried a new PS it worked flawlessly for another 3 years at which point one person here on training managed to destroy the M'Board with a Static jolt.


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From left field

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC Troubles Motherboard / ...

have you tried plugging the PC into another outlet. I had this problem with a faulty powerboard.

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by the.liquidated.prophecy In reply to From left field

I've tried on every power outlet in my house, and in my familys house too.

Still no luck.

I'll just buy a new one :)

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