PC Troubles

By nathanmiller339 ·
I bought a new MOBO and moved everything from my old computer into this new MOBO, except for a new video card I bought. I connected everything, and the LED light on the MOBO lights up, the hard drive starts up, the CPU starts up, even the video card fan starts up. But I get no picture. I tried a new powersupply, I made sure the video card worked in a different PC but nothing seems to work. Do I just need to return the MOBO? I don't know what else could be wrong. Thanks in advance.

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Bios video settings

by wanmanly In reply to PC Troubles

Boot the PC with the onboard video connected and change the bios settings for primary display as external/pci/agp (as applicable) and check agp speed settings.

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There is no on board Video

by nathanmiller339 In reply to Bios video settings

There is no onboard video on this MOBO. I wish I could just do that.

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My first

by saihib In reply to PC Troubles

stab at this is a memory issue. If all the electric on the motherboard is functioning, and you know the video card is good,then I would look there. Will it boot with your old video card?

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