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By ekad8 ·
what do you do if your printer does not print clearly and you have changed the ink cartilage, used the service tools provided in the manuals and it still does not print clearly

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by dRb63 In reply to pc troubleshooting

You don't give too much information here, so the following is speculation.

Since you've changed out the cartridge, I'm going to assume that both were changed, the print quality is still bad? Is there steaks or what? Also, am I to assume that this is a DeskJet and not a Laser? If it's a DeskJet AND you're still getting bad prints AND you've changed BOTH cartridges then the possibility is the drip bucket is full. The cartridges are passing over ink build-up in the drip bucket and causing streaks.

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by TheChas In reply to pc troubleshooting

Best guess, you need a new print head.

On many printers, when you change the ink, you do not change the print head.

On some of these, if you use "off-brand" ink, the print heads will clog.


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by henriqueraposo In reply to pc troubleshooting

Chances are your cartridge is refurbished, meaning it was refilled many times. Have its circuits tested and you may find that it is not 100%. Get a brand new one, from a reliable store, and you will surely will get better print results. Good luck.

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by shuja52 In reply to pc troubleshooting

Change the head too.

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by wlbowers In reply to pc troubleshooting

Unless this printer is in warranty or it is an expensive unit it is time to replace the printer.

The average service charge on removing and cleaning ( they have to soak them in solvent), the print heads runs $90 ~ $120. this depends on the shop and the printer in question.

Now days you can buy a new printer for under a $100 bucks. Epson C64 $59, Epson C84 $99. Hp has severan in the same price range.

When you realize that the new printer comes with $60+ of new cartridges. Well you can take it from here.

We're in a disposable world.

Good Luck Lee

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