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Hi everyone ,something bothering me for a long time now need some help.My PC just started behaving rather strangely over the past 2 weeks,it turns itself down automatically without warning.After reboot it comes up for half a minute and then goes off again.When I tun it on again after say an hour it works for around 20-25 minutes and goes off again.

My Pc is 5-6 yrs OLD.It could be a heat related issue but barring that if its a Hardware issue then which one is most likely???(also it stopped working something before was not getting powered on by pressing the power button later on I found out that the CMOS battery was faulty,PC started working after replacing the same )

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC TURNS OFF AUTOMATICALL ...

Try reposting this in the 'Q&A' forum. The 'Discussion' forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution. The 'Water Cooler' is for non-technical discussions. You can submit a question to 'Q&A' here:;content

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It's likely to be heat related so look at the CPU Heatsink. It's likely to be full of airborne crud and is stopping it shedding heat. Also check the CPU Fan for correct Function and then Look in the BIOS at what Temp it Auto Shuts Down to prevent Damage. If it's below somewhere around 85C reset this to 85C and remember to save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

If it's not that and this is a Desktop I would be looking at the Power Supply as the Possible Culprit.


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