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    PC Turns on for a sec and turns off


    by geauxdux ·

    Retrofitting a P4 3.2mhz machine with a Core 3 Duo 6230, Intel Motherboard, 2 GB Ram, Western Digital 250 GB SATA II HD, Nvidia 7300GS video card and a couple of DVD drives.
    Power Supply is a new Antec HE500.

    When I turn on the machine, fans kick on for a few seconds, I hear the HD Spin, and the machines shuts down.

    if I remove the memory, MB beeps like hell.
    24 Pin connector is securely fastened
    2×2 connector is also firmly connected.
    If I unplug the heatsink fan, machine runs.

    What the hell is going on?
    I checked the seat of the proc. Looks good.
    Heat sink is securely in place.
    There are no extra brass posts under the board.

    Symptoms are a weak power supply but it is a new 500 Watt Antec.

    Anyone seen this before?

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