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PC will not boot from a cd, it keeps rebooting over and over

By Wiseman458 ·
I have changed the boot order in the BIOS setup, And the computer begins to boot from the disk (linux live cd) but it stops booting and continually restarts.

I have checked the boot sequence and I have tested the live cd on other computers.

This is in a computer lab also. Is there a way that the admin configured the bios that prevents it from booting. There is not bios password.

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Check a few things

by b4real Contributor In reply to PC will not boot from a c ...

Did the image burn correctly (Does it boot elsewhere)

Are we confusing a DVD disk with a CD-ROM drive

is 64-bit a factor

Do other CDs boot on this system

Do other DVDs boot on this system

Just a few random thoughts.

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by C F USA In reply to PC will not boot from a c ...

1. You said this was in a lab. Are you the administrator (am guessing not since you asked about the admin configuring the bios)

2. Are you a support technician troubleshooting the pc? (am guessing not, see above)

3. Am I being overly cautious? Yes, I ran a computer lab and it sounds to me you are trying to circumvent security policies in place.

Not knowing the specific policy of that specific lab, only the policies I had in place in my lab, you would be promptly removed and face disciplinary actions (possiby more severe depending on the environment) if you continue your course.

Just some thoughts from one who has run a lab.

*edited for a spelling error*

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Thanks for your help--I got it to work

by Wiseman458 In reply to Questions...

I got it to boot.
And to C F USA I understand how suspicious my question was but I am doing this in an educational setting with the permission of the admin.

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Glad you got it working

by C F USA In reply to Thanks for your help--I g ...

and glad you understand the concerns. :)

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by b4real Contributor In reply to Thanks for your help--I g ...

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