PC Will not boot in any mode

By JSerrago ·
I got a good one and I really need some help here.

I have an Intel whitebox system. That will not boot. Everytime it tries it restarts. In Safe mode it stops at agp440.sys. When I restart it in "Disable auto restart after system failer I get this error.
0x0000007B (0xf789e528,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

Now I have been on the internet all night and I have tried several things.

I have ran Chkdsk about 3 times with the /R
I have disabled the apg440.sys with the recovery console.
I have pulled the power to the CD rom drive.
I pulled the drive threw it into an enclouer and chkdsk with the windows system off my laptop and defragmented it.

I have tried the Fixboot command from the recovery console.
Nothing has worked so far. I really need some help here. I have ran out of ideas and I have been awake since 5am est Wensday.
Please help

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Stop fighting with it.

by 1bn0 In reply to PC Will not boot in any m ...

Backup the data. You already have the enclosure. Just connect it to another machine and copy everything over.

Re-install the drive. Format it. Retest it using the manufacturers utility.

Re-insatll the OS.

You could have been done by now.

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by JSerrago In reply to Stop fighting with it.

I would have done that 24 hours ago accept.

1) The computer is a homemade there is no manufacture.

2) The Computer has an old but vital piece of software that the company I am working for needs immeditaly.

We can reinstall the software on another machine, but the licences keys were lost long before my time there and it would take alot of time to configure the software right to opperate the manufaturing equipment that it is used for.

Look I have just tried to clone the drive thinking it was a physical problem. The error got coppied over so it has got to be something like a registry or driver error. I just got no idea witch one.

Would really appericate the help.

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Can you install a video card????

by 1bn0 In reply to Can't

Just catching up from yesterday.

If agp440.sys is not loading correctly, I would try installing an entirely different video card and disable the current video if it is onboard.

And as Jacky said, use the copy to work with. Then you can start over if things get to far astray.

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Check this article

by Jacky Howe In reply to PC Will not boot in any m ...

you may be able to do a system restore.

Advanced troubleshooting for "Stop 0x0000007B" errors in Windows XP

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Been there tried that.

by JSerrago In reply to Check this article

Half of my internet searches brought that up. Its where I got most of the stuff I tired in the original post.

Come on there has got to be something else, could the registry be that screwed up to cause this?

i did see the option of reloading the hives but this is an OEM installation and I would lock myself out of the PC if I did that.

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Keep your image handy

by Jacky Howe In reply to Been there tried that.

if you still have it.

Try a repair install.

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Second thoughts

by Jacky Howe In reply to Keep your image handy

use the image to manipulate.

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<In Safe mode it stops at agp440.sys>

by dldorrance In reply to PC Will not boot in any m ...
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In Safe mode it stops at agp440.sys.

by dldorrance In reply to PC Will not boot in any m ...

This may be the problem. Check this link:

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If I was faced with this

by tintoman In reply to PC Will not boot in any m ...

My first thought would be to run the repair facility from the Windows installation disk, however you have stated that the license key is "lost" without going in to the why's and wherefore's about what happened to the COA which should be on the computer case, your only option is to try to copy the damaged files from the install CD to the hard drive via the command prompt in the repair console, starting with agp440.sys

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