Pc will not boot up

By brutal2222 ·
Hello i am using ASUS p5n-E SLI and i was playing my game on sunday and everything was going fine and all the sudden the pc shuts down and it wont boot back up i took off thsde side pannel everything was fine and connected, and the LED is solid green it says on until the power supply is turned off, i cannot find the reset button anywhere on my NZXT {model pc} i have read the manual inside and out nothing about it "i am really hoping my motherboard did not fry it hasnt even been a year" please give me some suggestions

and a side not the pc will start up on occasion for about 1 second the lights go on the fan starts to run and bam just shuts off please help.
another note the modem shows internet running which it only does when pc is on.


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Basic Trouble shooting

by PlipO In reply to Pc will not boot up

Disconnect all peripherals including mouse and keyboard, disconnect the power cable, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, this will discharge any residual power from the motherboard. With all peripherals still disconnected; connect only the power cable and attempt to power up the PC. Does it power up? Do you get a POST beep ? Did you get a POST beep when the computer was work correctly? Do you get mutiple beeps ? If you get mutiple beeps; find out what they mean by referring to the motherboard manual.
Check the usb ports especially the front ones, front usb ports are often not as robust as the ones at the back. If they are damaged; they can prevent a computer from powering up.

Do you have the opportunity to test components such as ram, graphics card and PSU on a different working computer?
Have you installed and additional hardware recently ?

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Even more basic

by Dumphrey In reply to Basic Trouble shooting

are all the fans spinning? Especially the one one the cpu.

This type of problem sounds like either a power supply or bad cpu fan. Thats just a guess mind you..
When you try to boot up, how far does it get before dying?

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Re pc will start up on occasion for about 1 second

by OH Smeg In reply to Pc will not boot up

Really sounds like a shot M'Board as the Power Supply is turning on but not receiving a signal from the M'Board to keep running.

But look at any Case Fans and the CPU Fan if one of these has died and is stuck solid it can cause the 12 Volt rail to go Open Circuit and could be causing the problem as well. If you have any Fans plugged onto the M'Board try disconnecting them but with the CPU Do Not Remove the Heatsink just unplug the FAN and try starting again. If the case LED's come to life and stay on turn off reconnect 1 Fan at a time and restart till it stops working. When it stops you have found the faulty fan which is causing the problem.

Do Not Run the Computer for longer than a few seconds without a CPU Fan as you can damage the CPU.

If none of what is suggested here works post back with what you have done and what is happening and we'll try to help you out.


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ok new info

by brutal2222 In reply to Re [i]pc will start up on ...

I am really worried here is why, btw all cpu fans were working when it stopped, i found a little circular thing inside of the power supp. box moving around detached it is almost like a tiney rock tire with wiring outside of it with 4 prongs any help? could this be the problem.

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by willcomp In reply to ok new info

Not only could be, but most likely is.

When I'm dealing with a PC that won't power up, stay powered or is unstable, the first thing I do is swap power supplies. PSUs fail much more often thn do motherboards and can cause strange symptoms.

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hi again

by brutal2222 In reply to Yes

Could that power supply be from any pc? some people were telling me i could mess up my mobo if i use a diff watt then i had.

i have an old compaq would that work

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Besides not being powerful enough, probably won't even

by ComputerCookie In reply to hi again

have the same connectors, what was the model of the original.

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by mwhipple In reply to hi again

Depends on how old the Compaq is and what you have running off of the power supply. If the connectors match (make sure that you can plug in everything that is now plugged in) and you don't have any particularly power hungry hardware then you should be fine. If you don't know how much power you need then if you bought a standard computer (as opposed to a gaming or otherwise top-end system) and haven't added anything then most power supplies should cover you (at least those with the proper connectors). You can check at

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yes, and no

by Snuffy09 In reply to hi again

yes you can use a different power supply and will not harm your computer. Thats why its called a power supply, not a power SURGE!

Your old compaq prolly wont work, you need a power supply with atleast that same wattage as your current otherwise it will probably keep doing the same thing if it cant supply enough power. Also, your old compaq psu probably wont have the same power connecters either.

First compare

The output Wattage
Connectors ATX, P4 (CPU) and molex, plus PCI-E 6 pin for your gfx card (if thats what u use)

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If you found something loose inside the Power Supply

by OH Smeg In reply to Pc will not boot up

the unit has either been thrown around the place or it was left in there when assembled which isn't likely. The wires that you mention had to be soldered to the Circuit Board and the part should have been glued to the Circuit Board so that it didn't move. If it's off the Circuit Board that is some really heavy mishandling that this unit has been exposed to.

As for the Other Power Supply Maybe if it is the same type but look at the Power Rating in Watts on the Sticker on the Side of the Power Supply. If it is the same Wattage or even close with the same connectors you can use it without any problems but if it is way below the power ratting of the now dead PS it's only good for testing purposes maybe. If it actually has the right connectors and a low power unit you run the risk of totally destroying your Entire Computer when it fails from being Over Run constantly. So if you had a 400 W power Supply that has stopped and replace it with a 250 W it may look as if the system works but it will eventually Fail as the Power Supply is being constantly over run and when the PS Fails it is much more likely to send a large power surge through the system and destroy all the internal Electronics. If you insist on using this PS Backup all your Data and keep performing Regular Backup several times a week so you can replace your Data on the new computer that you will be buying.


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