PC will not boot with Laptop HDD connect

By c_tilly ·
Hello All,
I have a ACER laptop with a 60 Gig HDD and it is refusung to boot in the laptop.
I have recently purchaed a 2.5 to 3.5 IDE HDD adaptor. My plan was to mate my laptop HDD into my PC as a slave (secondary position on the IDE cable).
I did a bit of back ground testing initially to ensure my 'idea' would work. The PC will see each HDD when individually connected (the laptop HDD fails - as to be expected - corrupted "system32\config\system" file). But when i make the 3.5 HDD the Master (which i need to boot off) and the laptop (2.5) HDD as a secondary on the IDE cable, the PC doesnot recognise that any HDD is connected?
Any ideas on how i can get around this issue and retrieve the data off the laptop HDD.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to PC will not boot with Lap ...

Have you got the jumpers in the right place on the hard drive, you need to change the jumpers so one is primany the other secondary.

Check this out post back the results

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jumper settings

by c_tilly In reply to Jumpers

Yes, thats one of the things i checked. The PC HDD is set to Master and the laptop HDD doesnot have any jumper settings from what i can see. i have assumed it is internally set to 'cable select' and placed it in the slave position on the IDE cable

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by Wizard-09 In reply to jumper settings

You say that the hard drive is from a acer, what make is the PC, whats the mother board will it support the make of hard drive from the laptop, are both HDD running on IDE cables?

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many questions

by c_tilly In reply to Ok

The HDD out of the ACER is a Toshiba 60Gb P/No. MK6021GAS.
The PC is a HP Compaq Model No. D530C
The motherboard is unknown. it has HP Engineering stickers all over it.
Yes, both HDD are running on IDE cables.

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All right unplug the 2.5 inch drive

by OH Smeg In reply to many questions

Look at where the Adapter plate plugs in the side with the 2 Power Cables there should be 6 unused Pins there. These are the ones that you fit a jumper to to set to Master, Slave or maybe Cable Select.

You need to set this HDD to either Slave or CS Cable Select this will be on the sticker on the HDD which pins need to be used to set to what.

You may be required to move an existing Jumper from the Master Position r you may be required to fit a jumper to the CS Cable Select or Slave pair of pins.

Some of these 2.5 Inch HDD Do Not require a jumper to be fitted to work in a NB and some do. As I have never personally used Toshiba HDD I don't know which this drive type is but if it doesn't have a Jumper on it you will need to find one to fit this HDD as the standard HDD jumpers off a 3.5 inch Drive Do Not fit these drives the ones that you need are much smaller.

Ideally instead of using an Adapter you should have got a 2.5 Inch IDE Caddy which plugs into a USB port so that you Do Not have any jumpering issues or the risk of incorrectly fitting the Adapter Plug and blowing the IDE Controller on the M'Board. As these 2.5 Inch drives only require 5 V DC to run properly they work quite well when connected via a USB Caddy without an external Power Supply.

But as you have the Adapter you can use it here provided you fit a Jumper to the relevant Pair of Pins. As things stand at the moment when you have both connected tot he IDE Lead they are both being addressed as Master so as a result none are being seen by the Computer.


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Sorry. Wrong assumption. See link below.

by 1bn0 In reply to jumper settings

A notebook IDE drive is basically the same as a 3.5 inch drive. The main difference is the smaller pin configuration and the inclusion of the power leads in the ribbon cable.

To set the drive as a slave you need to set the jumpers.

See this page.

"Jumper Settings

Hard Disk Drives - Current Models

The following jumper information applies to Toshiba's current line of Hard Disk Drives:
Master configuration is obtained by setting jumpers B, C & D open (no jumper). Slave configuration is obtained by setting jumpers C-D. When B-D jumper is installed, the drive is configured as cable select. If pin 28 = Low, the drive is master. If pin 28 = High, the drive is slave."

The default for 2.5 drives is MASTER, no jumpers. Two master drives on the same cable and the BIOS will not recognise either.

Cable select includes the requirement for a cable select cable. One of the wires is "broken" between the first and second drive connector. I forget which one.

TO set the drive to slave just jumper the second pins in on the seperated section.

Or just connect the drive to the cdrom cable on the scond ide port and leave the cd/dvd drive disconnected while you work on the notebook drive.

If the drive is the only one on the cable the bios won't care if it is master or slave. Just make sure both secondary master and secondary slave are set to auto detect in the BIOS.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to PC will not boot with Lap ...

Lets take this one step at a time, you have 2 IDE cables and two hard drives.

1. Only connect one hard drive (the good one) and check it with both the IDE cables to see it is works, also check it plugged into both slots on the mother borad to ensure its working also the will rule out a fault on one of the IDE cables or slots.

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Right .... One step at a time .....

by c_tilly In reply to Right

Do i have two (2) IDE cables? No. I have the IDE cable that is in the PC - standard IDE cable, which allows mutliple HDD to be connected.
I have one HDD out of an ACER laptop which will not boot in the laptop due to a corrupted file located at \system32\config\system.
I plan to mate the laptop HDD to the IDE cable in the PC (as a slave) and turn on / run up the PC using the 3.5 HDD as a Master. Hopefully this will allow me to read the data stored on the 2.5 HDD (out of the ACER laptop) and recover all of the data.
To date, when both HDD are connected via the IDE cable in the PC, the PC DOES NOT recognise that there are any HDD installed.

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This is because both HDD's are set to Master

by OH Smeg In reply to Right .... One step at a ...
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This is because both HDD's are set to Master

by c_tilly In reply to This is because both HDD' ...

OH Smeg,

Thanks for that info. I did read it previously in your other post.

My post was a response to t_mcnally as they had asked me a number of questions. I believe to clarify my problem in their mind, as the believed i had two cables and two HDD.

Thanks for your assistance.

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