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    PC will not bootup after power outage.


    by kencard1 ·

    After a power outage, my PC (WIndows XP) will not completely bootup and keeps returning to DOS prompting me to select either Safe Mode, Return to Normal Mode, etc. I tried all choices avail. but to no avail. I was told by a friend to insert my Windows XP CD and to try booting from the CD, but since it is an upgrade CD it prompts me to insert the original OS CD which was Win98. I can’t find that CD; is there another way to reboot?

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      by kencard1 ·

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      Try booting to DOS

      by nicknielsen ·

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      It sounds like the power outage corrupted at least one system file.

      Boot to DOS using a standard boot disk or CD. I prefer the Ultimate boot CD or a standard Windows 98 boot disk with CD Drivers (both available from

      Insert your XP CD and type “setup /cmdcons”. This should start the XP Recovery Console.

      It’s also possible that your power supply was damaged enough to cause problems during intense drive access (like Windows startup), but not enough to keep the system from completing POST and accessing the drive. Run a load test on the PS; your local PC shop should be able to help.

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