PC will not play the game

By whankerry ·

Just got a PC but having major problemo with it. Dont know the logon stuff to get on the PC. The guy who sold me the thing says it came without help and will not sort me out. Looks to be Windows 2003 on the screen when it starts. It is also quite a big 'n'heavy PC. Bigger than my last one.

How do I get on the PC?

Have I wasted my $350 then if there is no help.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to PC will not play the game

The "guy" who sold you the PC is bound by law to help. That is unless this PC is not 'Within the Law'. I think it has been stolen and sold on to you. Windows 2003 is not a home PC Operating System. Your description also sounds like a server. Advice - contact the Police.

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how hot is the thing

by CG IT In reply to Legal?

sound like the guy stole a server and sold it to you.

Good luck, if he won't give you the user name and password, you'll have to crack it. Once you do that, all the running services that use that user name and password won't work, [cuz you changed it] so you might get in by cracking it, but then you've cause all sorts of problems after you get in.

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DO NOT crack that system

by jdclyde In reply to how hot is the thing

You can get in just as much trouble as the thief that sold it to you if you do not report it.

Recieving stolen property IS A CRIME.

Breaking into a stolen computer IS A CRIME.

Call the cops, but be warned that "the guy" that sold you a stolen server will have to be ID'd.

Doing ANYTHING with that system other than calling the police will likely get YOU in trouble. If you call the cops and it turns out not to be stolen, you are free and clear.

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Stolen Property

by Kiltie In reply to Legal?

Have to agree with TechMail here, this looks like a hot one, and you are in receipt of stolen property.

2003 is not a domestic OS, your best bet is to contact the police asap, you should be safe from prosecution if you do that immediately, ie soon as you become suspicious, as the authorities want to encourage the reporting of such crimes.

If it is what I think it is, it will be part of a lot of equipment being sold on, and they will want to crack the "ring" stealing such things.

Who knows, you may even get a reward for evidence leading to the successful prosecution of the criminals. it's probably a company that lost a lot of equipment, they will want to both catch this ring and get any equipment back, mainly because there may be a lot of irreplacable data.

They should be very, very grateful.

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Do not jump to conclusions.

by rdaugherty In reply to Stolen Property

It could just be an old computer that a company sold. The person who sold it to you may just be selling off old computers As IS. Especially if you bought it off a place like ebay. If you want to access the computer you should go out and buy a licenced copy of a OS and then format the computer and install the new OS. Then you will have to download all the drivers for the computer and install those in order to get the computer fully functional. It will be good experience for you to go through this process. Otherwise you can pay somebody else to do it for you. Good Luck!

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Wrong and not even close

by jdclyde In reply to Do not jump to conclusion ...

Are you not aware that if your example was true, they COULD NOT and WOULD NOT leave the OS on the systme?

And NO ONE that legally sells a system would refuse to at least clear out any passwords.

If you keep stolen property, you are just as much of a low life and criminal as the person that actually stole it. Think what your future in IT will be like when you get busted for computer theft and hacking into a corporate server.

Good luck staying out of jail. No one with half a clue will help you hack this stolen server.

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Deals that are too good to be true...never are

by TechExec2 In reply to Do not jump to conclusion ...

"Especially if you bought it off a place like ebay."

Do you have any idea how much fraud like this there is on eBay? "Great deals" on eBay that are not sold by legitimate businesses are usually fraudulent. Even though I am very careful, I've even been defrauded by legitimate businesses on eBay...twice! They did not get away with it though. I nailed those bastards to the wall and got full justice both times without having to go to court.

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You have received some good advice here (and some very bad advice)

by TechExec2 In reply to PC will not play the game

Deals that are too good to be true...never are.

Sounds like you bought a very current server for $350. The only Windows that is identified as "2003" is a server. Windows Server 2003 is very expensive compared to a client version like Windows XP Home or Professional. A big chassis suggests a server. If it were not stolen property, it could be sold for a lot more than $350. Why do you think "the guy" sold it to you for only $350?

Your "problemo" is not that you cannot login to your new server. Your "problemo" is that you have purchased stolen property and are now in possession of stolen property. The best thing you can do for yourself is to report this immediately to the police.

Next time:
- Buy from a legitimate store. Verify!
- Get a receipt (with preprinted store name on know...legitimate).
- Walk away from any deal that is too good to be true.

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errrr.... guys

by Kiltie In reply to PC will not play the game

I suppose we ought to treat this seriously, so as to help him, if he is simply naive, very serious consequences are possible.

but I checked his profile

new member
no activity

The only part filled in was:

Job role: Non-Computer Consultant

now try and pronounce his ID..........


are we being had?

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Who knows?

by TechExec2 In reply to errrr.... guys

Who knows?

The whole story stinks. At least one of the people in the story is not one of the good guys.

And, YOU are always the skeptic. It's a really good trait...One learned through experience. It's also called wisdom.

Keep up the good work!


P.S. _I_ wasn't had. I was just playing along! :^0

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