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PC will not Power Up...could it be my PSU

By gklove ·
I came home today and noticed my PC was off. When I tried to power it up...nothing happened. So I turned off the power switch then unpluged it and waited for the mobo led to turn off, then I plugged it back in, turned on the power switch (led light came back on). I went to turn it on and the lights and fans came on for slpit second...nothing. I tried to power in up again and nothing happened. I repeated the process of unplugging and hitting the power button...same thing happened. Lights and fans come on for a second then nothing.

My PSU fans are the only ones that doesn't try to turn on.

I have cleared CMOS anf taken it down to bare minimuns, replaced the CPU fan...and when I turn it back on...the same thing happened. Lights and chasis fans kick on for a second...then nothing.

Any thoughts? I have a power supply, but it is not made for my mobo. I have and AN8-SLI deluxe and have the proper power supply to run two video cards. The one that came with the case is underpowered so I don't know if I could use it?

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