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PC will not shutdown

By johnndeb ·
I have just loaded XP Professional with SP2 onto my PC and now when i shutdow the PC, windows will shutdown and my monitor shutsdown but my PC is still running and i must physically turn it off via the power button. I am contemplating upgrading my BIOS but as i have not done this in the 3 years that i have had this pc i do not want to kill my pc - any suggestions please. Thankyou

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by Gigelul In reply to PC will not shutdown

You tried to change the "power management" settings from both, BIOS and windows\control panel?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to PC will not shutdown

if you do not see the option to 'enable advanced power management features' in Control Panel/Power that means your BIOS doesn't support it.
you are thinking exactly right about contemplating BIOS update, is my 2 cents.
i don't even *try* putting on sp2 without updating the BIOS. and motherboard drivers and all the drivers and all the apps that offer a sp2 update.
BIOS update is painless and it will work, betcha.
good time to splure on ups if you were considering one...
if you post again, include computer brand/model...

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by johnndeb In reply to

Thankyou. I tried this and all is well now, the pc shutsdown completly.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PC will not shutdown

Flashing the BIOS is a painless exercise provided you have a few basic steps in place first.

If you are subject to Black outs or Brown outs and this is a common occurrence don't do it unless you have a UPS between the mains and computer, loosing power while the BIOS is being written to the CMOS Chip will effectively kill your M'Board well at the very least you'll have to get a replacement BIOS Chip as you will not be able to re-flash it if it isn't properly loaded.

The only other thing that you MUST remember is that you do need the correct version of the BIOS BIN file to Flash your BIOS but if you get the wrong one you'll be told that you have and asked do you still wish to proceed. You do so at your own risk and you must know that you are unlikely to be able to undo the damage that you will do by installing the wrong BIOS Flash files. Again if you do this you'll have to replace the BIOS Chip which while time consuming waiting for one to arrive is o big deal.

I've personally Flashed several K of BIOS on computers and only had one problem when I was doing the flash a truck hit a power pole blacking out the area and not allowing the program to finish writing the necessary files now I always use a UPS just to be on the safe side and since I've had one available for this work I've never actually need it as the power has always stayed on. But I would prefer to be on the safe side.

With SP2 and any Intel P4 you should Flash the BIOS before actually applying SP2 as most times the computer will not restart after the installation of the Service Pack. Of course if you got a XP CD with SP2 already on it you didn't have that opportunity so do it now.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Even a New M'Board with SP2 can and do have some problems I had one ASUS M'Board that had the CPU overheat alarm sounding until Windows was actually Loaded after installing SP2 for some reason which was quite annoying particularly as the person who was paying for the computer is an Old Woman and looks for problems even when there are none there. Flashing the BIOS fixed that minor problem immediately and saved a lot of unnecessary phone calls about the computer not working properly Incidentally that was a M'Board for an AMD so all CPU's are affected by SP2.


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by ttosun In reply to PC will not shutdown

For some reason, some hardware will not automatically shut down to an "off" state even though the OS says to do so. I've been told that there may be a way to tweak the registry to allow the PC to power down completely. Try starting there. BACK-UP YOUR REGISTRY BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES!!!

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by johnndeb In reply to

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by johnndeb In reply to PC will not shutdown

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My PC is neither shutting down not restarting

by naveen_11 In reply to

My PC is neither shutting down not restarting, when ever i used 2 Restart/shut down the screen windows is shutting down is remains and its not getting restarting/shutting down.Please send me steps to solve this issue.

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