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PC will not start

By bsamot ·

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to PC will not start

More info please...
what is the bios manufacturer?
what is the pc specs: cpu ram video hdd add-ons?
How many Beeps ? continuous ?

each bios manufacturer offer different beep codes to define what has failed.


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by bigkenny In reply to PC will not start

go to
click on your bios maker and hey presto these your fault

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by jschein In reply to PC will not start

Short rapid beeps?

Did not say mobo manufacturer or how many beeps..

Easy to assume it's your video card or memory at this point.

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by dmiles In reply to PC will not start

See the following thread for bios beep codes list,Or use the Searcd box in upper right corner,type in Bios beep codes,cleck GO

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by conrad.muller In reply to PC will not start

Without knowing how many beeps etc. it could be a number of problems, the most likely 3 are as follows

Try reseating the following:
Monitor VGA cable

those are the three most common that won't let your machine start at all.



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by lfh003 In reply to PC will not start

The continuous series of beeps should indicate that there is an issue with the power supply. If your PS is not 'large' enough, you can not support two HDD's, CD, DVD, etc. Disconnect one at a time...begin with the second HDD, if this is your situation. Have you added an after-market fan?

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by bsamot In reply to PC will not start

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