Pc wondering what is causing so much heat waves while playing games

By iDieOnRoofs ·
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Hello guys I just upgraded my Pc specs are
Opearting System: Win 10 pro 64bit
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte tech
System Model: B460HD3
Processor: intel i7 10700F
Ram: 16gigabytes
Gpu: Rtx 3070

Also my Cpu is at 30% and ram at 50% while playing games but still big heat waves

and my question is what is causing my pc to make big heat waves and how can i fix it
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Need information

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Pc wondering what is caus ...

You need to explain in more detail what is occurring instead just "Heat Waves". Is your computer home built ?? Do you have adequate fans/airflow inside the computer case ? Not enough information provided.

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what kind of info

by iDieOnRoofs In reply to Need information

I bought it from a pc store and he built it I dont know much about the airflow

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If it's a comericial build

by The Master2 In reply to what kind of info

It should be fine as the right settings should have been made when it was originally set up.

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Re: bought it from PC store and he built it

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to what kind of info

Then it's best to ask him.

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While I've yet to have anyone call out heat waves.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Pc wondering what is caus ...

The PC as told should create heat. Nothing wrong with that so far. Tell more.

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by iDieOnRoofs In reply to While I've yet to have an ...

while it is running games my room feels like a sauna

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Several questions here then.

by The Master2 In reply to like?

If the room is getting close to unbearable how big is it?

How long are you playing games in the room before it gets so hot?

What ventilation do you have?

Are there any windows and are they open?

That is for starters as even improving the ventilation in the case of the computer is just going to push the heat into the room and may make things worse.

If you are in a closed room with no ventilation or windows at the very least open the door and put a fan at the door blowing air out of the room to move the air around.

No computer draws so much power that it can be considered a Room Heater which is at the very least 2000 Watts which would need to be going into the CPU and GPU to produce heat like that in the short term. Of course if you are playing games for days at a time with a closed room other things like Incandescent Lights will contribute tot he temp of the room and even the Monitor depending on the type the Old CRT Monitors pump out a lot more heat than the newer LED ones do but even the LED ones generate heat.

What I would like to know here is the base line of the temp in the room without the computer running and what it is when you are saying it's hot. A couple of degrees C is fine but much more than that is not believable from any computer.

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Well assuming that it is not doing whatever you are complaining of

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Pc wondering what is caus ...

When you are not playing games I would hazard a guess the cause is the Game you are playing. A CPU Running at 30% is generating a lot of heat as that is all it can do the more you run it the hotter it gets and as Gigabyte M'Boards have Thermal Limiting Controls in the BIOS I'm assuming you are not getting any heat warnings just a bit of heat generated by the electronics inside the computer case.

Anything that uses CPU Clock Cycles generates heat the more you use the hotter things will get till you hit the programmed Upper Limit and Throttling occurs to cut down the heat being generated.

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so basically its normal?

by iDieOnRoofs In reply to Well assuming that it is ...

is it normal for it to generate that much heat and i shouldnt worry until i get heat warrnings?

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Well that depends on how hot it actually is

by The Master2 In reply to so basically its normal?

But a safe shut off temp of 80C is considered as sort of a minimal level to start the Overheat Alarms .

80C is well above the range that people die at so it's hot but not hot enough to start to melt the CPU which starts somewhere above the 120C mark depending on several factors.

Note here I am speaking in Centigrade not Fahrenheit which is what some countries still use to give day temperatures. Fahrenheit is much cooler than Centigrade and should not be mixed up.

Anyway Gigabyte used to include a Temp Monte ring App with their M'Boards so grab the Gigabyte Disc and load it then load the Temp Monitoring App and see how hot things actually are.

If you are really concerned you can look in the BIOS at what the temps are set to and make any changes you like but if you knock the temps down too much it may stop you playing games.

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