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Pc wont boot

By cjr9 ·
i have a vega 3080 with a amdk6 proceesor. I am runnning Win 98. When I power up my system I dont get any beeps and the hd drive processor light(the red one) comes on then goes off, then there are no indicater lights on. Through this whole process it looks like the montior never received a signal. What could the problem be?

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Pc wont boot

by Alpha-Male In reply to Pc wont boot

This could be one of many things. First, remove everything but the most essential devices and try to boot with just a video card. If you get signal, you're on your way. If not, it's either the MB, the RAM, the CPU, video card or the power supply. I have seen this kind of thing several times when something was connected up incorrectly or when something was grounding the system out.

Have you changed any components lately? What happened before this first occurred? Make sure to check the power setting on the back of the system so it's set to the correct voltage (depending upon where you are). Double check your connections and perhaps reseat/clean your ram and reseat the cpu. If at this point you're still having trouble, I'd remove the board from the chassis to prevent grounding being an issue. After that, you're down to replacing components with known good components until the system responds.

Good luck troubleshooting!

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