Pc won't boot after change display adapetr driver

By homer_usa ·
After i installed xp pro sp2 in my pc, i updated the display driver and i got a blank screen afterwards. I rebooted the pc and it wnt straight to the safe mode screen, but it won't let me select an option. After the countdown it starts loading windows than it turns all back, crashed and restart all over again.I tried to use a boot disk but it won't read from it. It repeats the cycle over and over again. I can't access the BIOS either.It frezzes completly in the Safe Mode screen.

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Last Known Good Configuration

by jimmy-jam In reply to Pc won't boot after chang ...

As the computer is booting press F8. XP doesn't have a prompt for it so just keep tapping F8 as its booting. If all goes well you should end up at a screen where you can choose boot "Last Known Good Configuration" this should boot up the PC with out the new driver.

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I've tried it

by homer_usa In reply to Last Known Good Configura ...

I've tried to hit F8 as the PC boots, i get to the screen where it offers me multiple option to choose from, but it wont let me select anything.The cursor won't move at all( the keyboard is working fine) all i can do is watch the countdown to the optin that is already selected(in this case 'Start Windows Normaly") than the the xp logo appears with loadind bar. After that the screen goes black and the Pc restarts itself and it keeps on doing this non-stop.I put a boot cd in to see if would boot from it, but it doesn't.

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by jimmy-jam In reply to I've tried it

to boot from cd verify the cd rom is before your hard drive in the boot order otherwise it will never boot from CD. You say you loaded a new driver, was this for a new peice of hardware or just a driver update for an existing peice? If it is new hardware try removing it from the system and booting it. With any luck the driver won't attempt to load. The fact that your keyboard won't respond kind of leads me to believe you have some kind of conflict.

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No luck yet

by homer_usa In reply to check

I can't change the boot order because i can't get in the BIOS. The driver i change is for an integrated video card. After i installed XP pro, it didn't automatically find the driver for it, then i chose one from the the windows database(i guess i chose the wrong one) after that the screen went blank. The pc won't accept any command at this time. And since it locks the keyboard, i can't get to the BIOS and change the boot sequence.

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