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    PC won’t boot – can’t use recovery console


    by joq ·

    I am trying to help fix a friends pc which will no longer boot. The PC is made by “TIME” and uses a reload cd to access an hidden image in order to reinstall windows. However, this process doesn’t work as the recovery process says it can’t read the image to restore it.

    The pc will not load to safe mode or even get to the screen which gives this option.

    I have tried using another Windows cd to try and use the recovery console to run chkdsk etc but after entering recovery console it does not list a windows instalation to try to fix.

    I am really strugling to find a possible solution to this, all suggestions will be much appreciated!

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      by joq ·

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      Firstly you need a copy of the same version of Windows

      by hal 9000 ·

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      To use the Recovery Console properly so if you are trying to use a XP Home CD on an XP Pro install it will not work.

      However what you can do is use an identical version of the Windows XP CD either OEM or Retail unless you have a Volume License Version there and reinstall the OS following the directions here without loosing any data

      If the system was password protected you’ll have to take ownership of his data files by following the directions here

      If this system has XP Pro loaded you’ll need to ask if your Friend was using the Encrypted File System and if they where you’ll need to recover the encryption key by following the directions here

      It’s generally easier to remove the HDD from the computer fit it to a USB Caddy and attach it to another computer to recover the Personal Data. Then you can just wipe the drive with something that writes zero’s to every sector as the Hidden Partition has now been damaged so it’s pointless to try to retain it and perform a reinstall with the correct version of XP to the computer with the Product Kay on the COA on the case used when you install the new version of Windows.

      If you don’t ave a wiping utility Boot & Nuke is available from here

      When you have the system reloaded you can burn off a copy of the Install CD that you used so that your friend can reload the system when the need arises next time. Provided that they use the Product Key on the COA there are no problems as you are just allowing them to maintain their existing License.


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        Product Key query

        by joq ·

        In reply to Firstly you need a copy of the same version of Windows

        Thanks for you advice. Just to check though, if I use a Windows XP disc (same version) from another computer I can install it on the pc and enter the Product Key on the case of this pc?

        Wasn’t sure if that was poss or not? Also uncertain if it still can be done on this system which restores from a hidden partion? Not sure if pc’s setup this way will accept this method of installing windows?

        Hope you could clear this up if poss?


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          Well M$ makes Windows

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Product Key query

          And the different companies make the computers and slipstream the necessary Drivers to their Recovery Disc’s it’s still a M$ product and the same rules apply except that instead of using Slipstreamed Recovery Disc’s for different Brand Computers you need to use OEM or Retail CD’s to be able to install as they have all the Drivers not a Cut Down Version of Windows on the Recovery CD.

          Of course if the crowd who made this particular computer used a Volume License Product you’re in trouble as they don’t need activating and when you attempt to activate it you’ll have problems but otherwise that’s the way that M$ say to do things for their Partners who Repair Computers.


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