PC Wont boot randomly, MOBO LEDs turn on, Asus x370pro

By logicalmayhem ·
PC Wont boot randomly, MOBO LEDs turn on, Asus x370pro

My system
MOBO - Asus x370 pro |CPU - Risen 5 | GPU - GTX 1070 | RAM - Triforce Delta2 DDR 4 RAM |PSU - HX850I

The story
>Recently upgraded my pc with a new MOBO/CPU/RAM/GPU and got them to update the firmware for me so the board would run my chipset.
>The PC worked great for about a month then my old power supply died (made a pop sound) >Replaced the PSU with a corsair HX 850I and everything was working great for a couple of weeks
>One morning it just wouldn’t turn on.

>Removed my GPU and Ram for testing purposes (Tested with RAM in as well)
>Double checked all the power connections
>The LED lights on the board turn on but no fans will turn on when I press the power switch.
>Got external power switch to test, same result

>Assuming that because the MOBO LEDs turn on that nothing is shoring out?
>Assuming that the PSU is working because the board is getting power for the LEDs?
>Assuming that the CPU is seated correctly and working because it was preciously working?
>Assuming that the pins for the power on button are working, they don’t look damaged and that would be pretty random?

Need Help!
Suggestions of what might be broken and how to test would be greatly appreciated.

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