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PC wont boot up.

By shaw166 ·
Hi, first time post, hope its in the right place.
my pc recently switched off during the day when i was at work or so i thought but when i pressed the on button on the front nothing at all happened. i thought maybe the power supply had blown but i replaced that and still no sign of life, i have no idea what to do next.

the spec of the pc is:-
p4 3.2
1gb ram
512 nvidia fx card
200gb hard disk
any help would be great

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by ctrservices In reply to PC wont boot up.

Does your computer have a reset switch on the back? If so, turn it off for about 10 seconds before switching it on and then try the front power switch.

If no back switch, reinstall memory chips and video card. (I assume there was no hint of the MB being zapped with a power surge where the PS connects to the MB.) If still no go, try each memory chip by itself (assuming you have two).

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by ozi Eagle In reply to PC wont boot up.

I recently had a similar problem. Turned pc on and nothing. Swapped power supply and had a very brief kick on the fans, then nothing. Turned out to be a faulty capacitor on the mobo.
Check out discussion on bad capacitors.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to PC wont boot up.

I suppose you have not any sign of live from computer (beeps, lights on Motherboard).
The first steep is verifying all the installed cards. Memory, video and all others, what you have installed. If still not working, remove all the components, (FDD, HDD and CD) I mean plug out the power and data cables. If still not working, take off all from your motherboard, let installed one memory module and the video card. If still not working, and is OK for sure the power source, and the on switch, is your motherboard what is broken.

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by master3bs In reply to PC wont boot up.

These are all good answers. I just want to make sure you've checked the obvious (since those are the things we sometimes miss.)

Have you made sure that the outlet itself is good? I've seen people troubleshoot power problems and never verify the outlet was bad. Just making sure.

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by amitdobhal234 In reply to PC wont boot up.


plz tell me what are the symptoms,is there any light blinking on the cabinet ,is power supply fan moving
first check by removing ur RAM
if its ok than remove all add on cards and add them one by one and power on the PC

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