By jwinnaar ·
Is there anyone that can help me PLZ. At first my PC started throwing blue screens, then it started rebooting on it own, now it does wanna boot-up, it just makes a long beep sound & displays blacknes.

Can anyone PLZ help me


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Long beep

by mjd420nova In reply to PC WONT BOOT-UP (LONG BEE ...

This error usually indicates a memory failure. Try reseating the memory boards, if that doesn't work, try them one at a time(if you have more than one) to find the bad one.

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same prob here

by chaddy In reply to Long beep

Im having the same problem as the first poster, i tried re seating my ram and vid card, i cleaned behind all my fans including the ones on the mobo,i did see a small burn mark on one of the copper teeth on a memory stick, but even without that in it beeps and wont boot.

im not rich so i cant realy go but stuff just to see if thats it lol so any help would be nice. thanks

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Long Beep

by jwinnaar In reply to Long beep

Thanx for your respond. by memory boards you mean , the RAM ?

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Check the mobo

by kim_forbes In reply to PC WONT BOOT-UP (LONG BEE ...

On booting up, enter the BIOS to check if the system is overheating. This could be either CPU temp, System temp, etc.. We have had similar issues to this and was caused by a malfunctioning CPU heatsink/fan. The system then shuts down to avoid any damage to hardware.

Further to this, check all pins and connectors on the motherboard itself. Perhaps a jumper or lead has come loose (for example, the CPU fan jumper or memory selector pin, etc).

What type of system is this?

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by chaddy In reply to Check the mobo

see the problem is, i cant even get to the bios, the fans turn on and i get some light on the drives then it just beeps every few seconds, this system was built be a custom company in my area. if the ram slot is damaged is there a way to disabe it? i have 3 slots and i only need 2. just those small burn marks concern me. i checked all the cords and cleaned/tightened everything i could.

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Have you checked the motherboard

by kim_forbes In reply to ..

Have you checked to see how the motherboard itself looks? Are there any damaged or leaking (any dry brown stuff on the) capacitors (tubules sticking up from the board)? Try booting with only one stick of RAM, then swapping them (in the undamaged RAM slot) to verify it isn't the memory itself.

I wouldn't htink it is the power supply but you may as well check that also, as it may be a current regulation issue (if the RAM slots are getting burnt).

Lastly, see if you can find a manual for the board online that may tell you what the beep errors on bootup mean.

Who made the motherboard? (I.E Asus, Gigabyte, etc)

Remove and re-insert the C-MOS battery and see if this helps to reset the BIOS - is is perhaps Overclocked??

Hope this helps!

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by chaddy In reply to Have you checked the moth ...

i have tried swaping mem sticks and re-inserting everything i can the mobo is a gigabyte k7 triton 400 - ga-7vax runninga dual phoenix bios 686, i wish i knew more about this lol.

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My Motherboard

by jwinnaar In reply to Have you checked the moth ...

Now I haven't. Will do that. although, I have checked to see if not some of my caps arounf the processor hasn't blasted, but no no caps with bumps, they all look fine.

Iwill do the CMOS & RAM thing.

Its a JETWAY motherboard, hope that answers your Q :)

I hope so 2.

Thanx alot.

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What are Normal Values?

by blueuniform_911 In reply to Have you checked the moth ...

Hi, what type of temps would be normal for the cpu and
board? I have the long beep on boot up and then either
garbled screen or black screen. The memory does a quick
test on boot up and shows it all there, but if I remove the
second memory stick 512 ddr, the long beep stops and it
boots fine. I just wondered what to look for on the cpu
and mobo temps. Thanks, blue.

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by jwinnaar In reply to ..

Mine, sometimes it will let me through, into windows, ,then whilst busy working it shut's down, other times the lights & everything goes on but nothing appears on the monitor, & I only hear BEEPS. So getting into the BIOS is not that easy.

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