my pc a gateway machine @ bootup will only go on for a few seconds then shut down I've checked the fans the processor, the RAM and they seem okay.after trying again the machine booted up to windows then after half an hour or so the problem started again and now it would only boot for only a few seconds any 1 with any solution?

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Try this

by OH Smeg In reply to PC WON'T BOOT UP

Unplug the power Lead and press the On Button for about 10 seconds to discharge the capacitors inside the computer.

Then plug the power lead back in and try turning on again. If it starts now the Filter Capacitors in the Power Supply are going off and you need to replace the Power Supply. If you do not replace the Power Supply any spikes on the Power Lines will get passed through tot he internal electrical components and degrade them. Eventually if this continues the computer will be reduced to useless junk that can no longer function. Prior to that happening however it will start to become very unreliable and you will be running the risk of Data Loss.


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Quick Fix for you

by pcs365_1 In reply to PC WON'T BOOT UP


Try the steps from the below URL, if your gateway computer is not booting up. Do post the results (if working or not)


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